Bâton coaches have worked with executives and leaders throughout the organization to deliver transformational results: Leadership Succession, Transformational Leadership, Personal Transformation, and Leadership Readiness.

Trusted counsel to support your most difficult decisions and your most critical people.

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Trusted counsel to support your most difficult decisions and your most critical people.

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Performance = Capability – Interference.

We help executives, managers, and high-potential leaders reduce interference by serving as a trusted confidant and objective third-party. Our approach is characterized by active listening, probing questions that address the wholeness of the person (head and heart), sharing observations, providing direct feedback, and moving the person forward towards action with accountability.

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  • Comprehensive coaching solution to help leaders realize their full potential
  • Actionable insights and feedback from personal leadership assessments (e.g., The Predictive Index)
  • Individual development planning to move leaders toward their goals
  • Structured follow-up provides supportive accountability
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Common Challenges

At times, leaders don’t get the support they so regularly give to others. This leads to poor decision-making that results from:

Lack of Perspective

Leadership can be lonely. Sometimes leaders suffer from group-think among their direct reports which produces imperfect understanding, and disastrous decisions.


A negative internal dialogue and set of beliefs limits performance. Even when leaders have adequate support, crippling uncertainty can often supersede the best intentions and plans.


Pressing the pause button on day-to-day execution is counter-cultural nowadays. However, without placing adequate attention upon leadership development, high-potential talent starts to experience burnout and subsequently question their role in the organization.

New Responsibilities

Hitting the ground running is easier said than done. Sometimes leaders lack the necessary onboarding or support to define their new role… and execute quickly.

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Our Capabilities

Our Bâton coaches operate with the belief that our clients possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to discover the best solutions for themselves. Therefore, our role is to help identify interference and maximize capabilities through focusing on the five necessary essentials of development:

Providing Insight

Do leaders know what they need to develop and why? Clients gain insights with results from a variety of personal assessments (e.g., 360 Feedback, Hogan Assessments, The Predictive Index, etc…). Then, individualized development plans are developed and serve as the anchor for ensuing coaching sessions.

Confirming Motivation

Are leaders willing to invest the time and energy it takes? Without authentic and intrinsic motivation, no level of coaching or skills-development will produce desired results.

Developing Capabilities

Do leaders have the skills and knowledge required for success?  Bâton coaches can assess and recommend tailored skills-development programs.

Real-World Practice

Do leaders take advantage of opportunities to use their skills where it matters?  We help leaders prepare to make the most of their opportunities to perform and learn.

Supportive Capabilities

Do leaders feel accountable to use their capabilities to improve performance and results?  Our coaches provide the independent accountability to keep leadership development at the top of the list of priorities.

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Real Results

Bâton coaches have worked with executives and leaders throughout the organization to deliver transformational results:

Leadership Succession

Working with a large publicly traded organization, our Bâton coaches successfully guided the board and C-Suite team to develop their leadership succession pipeline ensuring a smooth organizational transition.

Transformational Leadership

As leaders move up the leadership pipeline, they must focus on transformational leadership more than transactional projects.  Bâton coached large leadership teams across a Fortune 500 company to help them create the necessary personal and organizational innovation.

Personal Transformation

We believe that serving as a professional coach represents one of our highest honors and responsibilities.  Engaging with leaders as they progress through significant personal transformations is our highest reward.

Leadership Readiness

We work with leaders throughout the organization to prepare them for various responsibilities.  Whether it is a CEO, or a leader’s first role managing others, we provide the customized approach to match the specific goals.

Help leaders realize their full potential with a comprehensive coaching solution.
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Client Testimonials

It’s not easy to facilitate a full day session with laser focus, but the leaders at Bâton seem to do it effortlessly.  Nice job and thank you so much!

Chief Data Officer, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite

I know I’ve said this… but wow...Bâton is so great at facilitating these types of workshops. The way they keep it all going, scribe in real-time, make annotations… just awesome. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to these two sessions, but now I am really grateful that our company made this happen and dedicated the time for everyone. I learned a lot about the team. This was the best leadership workshop I’ve been a part of in my entire career

Vice President, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite

That was WONDERFUL! Jeffrey did an amazing job leading today’s conversation and cultivated an environment that welcomed engagement without fear.

Legal Operations Manager, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite
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