Delivering actionable insight from a world filled with data!

Delivering actionable insight from a world filled with data!

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Delivering actionable insight from a world filled with data!

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Data is the new oil. It is an important element to fuel intelligent analytics, which accelerate innovation within organizations.

Imagine having intelligent analytics that constantly provide insights for you to make smarter decisions. We partner with clients to maximize the value of their data by optimizing the way they process and consume data within their organization. We reimagine and optimize data “refinery systems,” all the way from the upstream process (data inputs, data architecture, XYZ, etc) to the downstream process (data consumption, ABC, XYZ, etc.). This optimization helps clients make better decision-making and leverage data as their competitive advantage.

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  • Data infrastructure solutions for today’s digital economy
  • Providing a clear pathway to a robust organizational data strategy
  • Modeling and predictive analytics to transform messy data into actionable insight  
  • Data scientist on-demand for your specific data needs
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Common Challenges

Optimizing your processes to take advantage of digital solutions are often stymied by:

Legacy Infrastructure

A crowded architecture caused by a historical accumulation of “one-off” solutioning.

Not Enough Speed

A segregated architecture gives rise to process complications in leveraging data for intelligent insights  

Multiple Data Sources

The Single Source of Truth (SSoT) is elusive due to data being housed in a variety of disparate locations.

Lack of Analytics Capabilities

Organizations have access to big data but without the deep capabilities to generate insight due to unstructured and messy data.

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Our Capabilities

Our approach ensures positive outcomes for your organization:

Establishing a Roadmap

Determining a clear path forward to a simpler architecture and solution set with quantifiable business outcomes.

Process Improvement

Mapping processes and data to identify optimization opportunities that are customer and user-centric.

Incremental Improvement

Ensuring that steps are defined and executed which align to the future vision.  Executing small and impactful improvements for tangible quick-wins while following the Roadmap.

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Real Results

Bâton transforms numbers into meaningful, actionable intelligence resulting in:

Channel Transformation & Growth

Financial services client identified integrative data strategies across sales channels to deliver new opportunities to cross-sell.  

Trend Prediction

Government client wanted to optimize timelines for different health care initiatives. Our analysis provided guidance on the sequence of projects that yielded maximum impact in the allotted timeline.  

Continuous Process Improvement

Regional public transportation client wanted to improve productivity and efficiency within its capacity constraints to satisfy customer demand without sacrificing overall profitability.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you for your partnership in supporting us to create what is turning into an extremely valuable experience for everyone!
Chief Strategy Officer, Insurance Client
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I love meetings with the Baton Team. They are super helpful!
COO, Banking Client
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The sessions have been received extremely well by our team members.

Chief Strategy Officer, Insurance Client
Service Provided:
Innovation Suite
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