Know yourself and your competition to understand if you’re moving the needle.

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Know yourself and your competition to understand if you’re moving the needle.

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Our Bâton Research team transforms raw data into composite indices, measures, and scales to summarize complex, multi-dimensional realities for enhanced comprehension, data analysis, and predictive modeling.

Organizations are able to leverage our customized scales and scores to discover new opportunities, improve operations, boost performance, and achieve real business goals to grow market share. Key performance indicators are used in many disciplines to summarize and present information. These range from single data points to complex composite metrics that synthesize information from different sources into one aggregate value. Bâton has constructed original composite indices and scales to represent complicated realities.

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  • Benchmarking to drive business performance
  • Use data to set aspirational KPIs and operational goals
  • Summarize complex, multi-dimensional realities with personalized indices and scales
  • Construct customized metrics that address complex business needs
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Common Challenges

In a world where everything is measured, compared, benchmarked, and mapped, decision-makers demand data to support their case, build their strategies, or monitor their peers. When trying to summarize complex data, leaders may encounter these common challenges:

Unmeasurable Concepts

A single indicator cannot capture the fullness of some phenomena that need to be measured.  

Incomparable Data

A long list of separate indicators makes it difficult to compare complex issues across social groups.

Difficulty Identifying Trends

A long list of separate indicators makes it difficult to identify trends over time.

Understanding Competition

Unclear how your business performs compared to competitors.

No Success Metrics

Progress towards company goals and objectives are not tracked, resulting in complacency.

Our Capabilities

B|G provides clients with the analytical foundation to address complex business and strategy issues. When building metrics and scales, we employ the latest research methodologies and analytic techniques to develop and validate customized solutions Our general approach is outlined in three steps:


Understand the underlying goals and root-causes. Interviews with key project stakeholders conducted to establish a base understanding and clarify the purpose of the index or scale. Secondary research allows us to evaluate existing definitions of the phenomena to be measured, identify dimensions and elements relevant to the concept, and develop a final accepted definition of the construct.


Determine what variables are needed to measure the phenomenon. This involves gathering existing sources of data and evaluating them for availability, quality, then selecting the best indicators for each dimension. Finally, we transform the raw data into composite indices and scales, addressing issues of missing data, normalization of data, robustness and sensitivity, weighting, and validation.


Analyze and present findings. Findings are presented in a visual format, making it easy to uncover patterns, trends, and relationships. By integrating large amounts of information into easily understood formats, we provide our clients with transparent and objective results that are used to uncover meaningful insights that drive strategy development.

Real Results

Clients have used our customized indices, scales, and metrics to tackle some of the most complex challenges:


Government entity in the Middle East requested research into all existing data sources on well-being and the creation of an original policy tool for use by its leadership.

Prepare for Disruption

Insurance client wanted to meet the market head-on to prepare for coming changes in the marketplace. Bâton worked with the firm’s leaders and largest clients to create a plan for new product innovation to reflect coming market trends.


You shouldn’t plan your future by only looking at competitors.  However, benchmarking allows leaders to define performance criteria and monitor progress over time.  Our clients benefit from robust benchmarking data communicated clearly.

Utilize customized indices, scales, and metrics to tackle your organization's complex challenges.
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Client Testimonials

Big kudos for Baton Global in helping us with our playbooks, what a great organization!
Research Suite
We really appreciated the level of detail and accountability the team demonstrated on the project.
Research Suite
Their enthusiasm is genuine and positive. Our industry is a little odd and they didn’t shy away from it. We wanted perspective and that’s what they provided us.
Research Suite
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