Library Director Self-Evaluation

Library Director Self-Evaluation

March 28, 2024
2:14 pm

In response to recent requests, Bâton Global developed a self-evaluation tool specifically for the role of a library director. This complimentary evaluation is designed for your personal and professional growth and can also be a valuable resource to support an annual review. The self-evaluation is completed online and your responses are confidential.

The role of a Library Director encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities that determine the library's success and its relationship with the community. This confidential self-evaluation is designed to empower you to introspect, acknowledge your strengths, pinpoint areas of improvement, and strategize for ongoing professional growth.

Library Director Self-Evaluation

Upon completion of the evaluation, you will receive a PDF of your evaluation via email. Once a sufficient population of responses has been received, all responses will be aggregated into a report so participant can compare their scores to the overall population.

Here's the evaluation which takes roughly ten minutes to complete and is ideally completed on a computer with a keyboard. Thank you for your service and for taking the time to reflect and grow.

Library Director Self-Evaluation

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March 28, 2024
2:14 pm
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