Matthew Mitchell, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Matthew is a pilgrim, constantly exploring the world for new insights to impact the diverse communities he serves.  He started his career as a physicist and programmer in the telecommunications industry building the backend infrastructure and mobile operating systems that have powered our current digital revolution.  Working with technology leaders around the world inspired Matthew’s return to academia to understand how best to empower organizations to succeed in a rapidly globalizing world.  Now, as Partner at Bâton Global – and professor at Drake University – Matthew balances clients, students and research in what he describes as “The best job in the world!

His current research investigates the relationship between firm strategy, politics, and culture in different global markets.  Matthew has traveled, lived, and worked in more than 75 countries and has been invited as a consultant and guest lecturer at companies, NGOs, and universities around the world.  His non-profit and professional board services focuses primarily on financial inclusion and disruption for insurance and financial services companies.  Matthew is also a regular commentator on issues such as innovation, disruption, firm strategy and globalization.

Matthew earned a PhD from the University of South Carolina, focusing upon international business and strategy. Before that he earned an MBA from the Crummer Graduate School of Business, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and Mathematics from Rollins College.  He recognizes the poor choices he made early in life and yet still proudly describes himself as a “recovering physicist”!


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