Skills your leaders need to thrive at each stage of their career.

Skills your leaders need to thrive at each stage of their career.

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Skills your leaders need to thrive at each stage of their career.

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Effective leadership is essential to attracting and retaining top talent, unlocking team potential, and driving organizations forward.

Bâton offers customized leadership development services that are designed to strengthen competencies and meet your unique learning objectives. Whether designed for a single team or entire organizations, our leadership development services help clients develop the necessary skills to inspire employees and drive the changes your customers want.

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  • Next-level leadership development for tomorrow’s challenges
  • Customized in-person or virtual learning for your specific goals
  • Identify, cultivate, and capitalize on your organization’s unique leadership strengths
  • Build a talent pipeline for the business of tomorrow
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Common Challenges

Deliberate efforts to develop leadership competencies in an organization can help unlock the potential of its workforce and handle a variety of challenges:


The workplace has become increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. A leader can’t possibly know it all anymore. Therefore, the leader has to rely on others.  Gone are the days of managing by command and control.

Lack of Transformational Leaders

Most organizations have transactional individual contributors that unsurprisingly become transactional leaders. They tend to do much more telling and less asking. However, many organizations are short on transformational leaders who inspire others with vision, build creative strategies, and align team members to the goals of the organization.

Leadership Basics

Often, leaders are focused on addressing the symptom of a problem, rather than identifying the root cause of it. Whether there is an internal dilemma an employee is facing, or tension amongst peers they work with, leaders must be equipped to heighten their listening skills.  This helps their employees feel the safety and freedom to be transparent, think out loud, and explore options.

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Our Capabilities

We partner with executives, managers, and teams to develop effective leadership skills. Our approach includes:

Needs Assessment

Gain a clear understanding of the organization’s top needs, greatest strengths, and leadership gaps.  

Customized Workshops

Train and sustain competencies in key leadership areas including leading self (e.g. delegating, goal-setting, stress-management, time-management); leading teams (e.g., change-management, coaching, critical conversations, high-performaing teams); leading business (e.g., business-planning, customer experience, diversity, ethics, innovation, strategy).

Strategy Integration

Integrate transformational leadership mindsets into high-level initiatives, areas of responsibility, and across the organization.

Measuring Impact

Gauge success in changing behavior using metrics for individual and organizational performance.

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Real Results

Leadership development benefits organizations in a multitude of ways:

Proven Experience

Bâton leadership development consultants have successfully served thousands of individuals across industries and stages in their career.  From creating new vision with corporate boards and executive teams, to developing cross-cultural communication competencies with municipal sheriffs and first responders, our Bâton team has seen it all.

Coaching Culture

Bâton has supported many organizations to develop a coaching culture throughout their organization.  Starting with visioning among the executive and HR leadership, through training the entire organization, our coaching experts transform the conversation to deliver real results.

Transformational Leadership

What got us here won’t get us there.  A leading asset management organization needed transformational leadership throughout all levels of the organization.  So, over many years, leaders were pushed to develop their out-of-the-box thinking skills, culminating in a leadership learning conference that helped recast the leadership brand for the organization!

Better Results through Increased Engagement

Bâton helps develop leaders who can inspire their employees and reveal their unique role in the organization’s story.  This improves morale, builds capacity to reduce costs, drives new lines of revenue, and improves customer satisfaction.

Develop the skills your leaders need to thrive at each stage of their career.
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Client Testimonials

It’s not easy to facilitate a full day session with laser focus, but the leaders at Bâton seem to do it effortlessly.  Nice job and thank you so much!

Chief Data Officer, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite

I know I’ve said this… but wow...Bâton is so great at facilitating these types of workshops. The way they keep it all going, scribe in real-time, make annotations… just awesome. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to these two sessions, but now I am really grateful that our company made this happen and dedicated the time for everyone. I learned a lot about the team. This was the best leadership workshop I’ve been a part of in my entire career

Vice President, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite

That was WONDERFUL! Jeffrey did an amazing job leading today’s conversation and cultivated an environment that welcomed engagement without fear.

Legal Operations Manager, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite
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