Todd Shaw, MBA

Senior Consultant


Todd Shaw is a Human Resources (HR) executive and consultant who has a passion for building technology-driven service businesses that create valuable new opportunities for their customers.  He has partnered with C-level leaders for over 20 years to help them build outstanding leadership teams, align culture with strategy, and drive change to achieve business plans. He has helped build organizations that delivered organic growth (PayPal revenue more than doubled during his tenure) and acquisition-driven growth (Bank of America revenues nearly tripled from 1996-2006).  He has led global HR operations for over a dozen years, including 3.5 years living in Asia. To enable these results, he transformed multiple HR groups to enable the delivery of the required solutions and services.  Todd has most often played broad HR leadership roles for businesses, but also has focused at times in the areas of talent acquisition, organization & leadership development, and compensation.

Todd is a regular partner with Bâton Global– in addition he runs his own consultancy, Shaw Organizational Design, which helps companies build high performing teams and organizations. His engagements tend to be deep, multi-month engagements such as interim leadership roles or large-scale change projects.

His recent work as interim Chief HR Officer for enterprise software company CentralSquare deepened into a brief period as a regular employee.  Prior to this, Todd was most recently the Chief HR Officer at the global retail payments leader Verifone. At Verifone he was focused on the transformation of the business from a hardware provider to a provider of services and solutions.  Prior to Verifone, he served as a VP of HR at PayPal.  At PayPal he was focused on supporting the growth of a business doubling in revenue every three years while simultaneously transforming the technology organization to enable accelerated product development and delivery.

Prior to PayPal, Todd was an HR executive at Bank of America for several years.  He worked in every major segment of their business, with his last assignment being the Regional HR Executive for Asia Pacific.  He has also worked at the Taco Bell division of PepsiCo and at NCR. Todd holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and information systems from Drake University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.


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