Bâton combines rigorous research methodologies and deep subject matter expertise within our global network to provide actionable insight to our clients on-demand. Robust answers to unique questions!

Robust answers to unique questions!

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Robust answers to unique questions!

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At times, organizations have unique research objectives that require customized research and analysis.

Bâton combines rigorous research methodologies and deep subject matter expertise within our global network to provide actionable insight to our clients on-demand.

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  • Comprehensive research on-demand service.
  • Quantitative & qualitative methodological approaches  
  • Fast research briefs or full in-depth white papers
  • Design support to turn powerful insight into persuasive presentations
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Common Challenges

When it comes to conducting and utilizing research, there are a number of challenges leaders may encounter:

Too General

Generic industry and market reports are not specific enough to meet your needs — especially during “make or break” moments — and may lack important details like anticipating future disruption.

Uncertain Path

Unclear how to formulate questions to discover the answers that will benefit your business the most.

Missing Capabilities

Unsure where to begin when it comes to designing a study, weighing the tradeoffs, and collecting the right data.

Understanding Results

Unsure how to interpret the dataset appropriately to design a path forward.  

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Our Capabilities

Custom research addresses a variety of business challenges when information from normal operations is insufficient. Bâton leverages the following skills to provide answers:

Specific Need

Refining the aims of the study with clients to guarantee we satisfy their unique objectives.

Looking at the Numbers

Gathering primary and/or secondary data as needed to deliver an accurate and objective understanding.

Qualitative Inquiry

Interviews, focus groups, surveys, and more can be leveraged to complement quantitative data or explore new areas for which no information exists.

Research Review

Bâton can create summary research briefs, white papers, or instructional materials based on existing research results to accelerate your progress.

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Real Results

Leveraging a broad global network of expertise, Bâton has completed projects such as:


Government entity in the Middle East requested research into all existing data sources on well-being and the creation of an original policy tool for use by its leadership.

Risky Business

Insurance company requested a review of data to integrate non-financial risk into a customized data model supporting global investment decisions.


An industry association requested a summary of possible business models delivering blended financial and social returns. The insights were used to design and launch a new division of the organization.

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Client Testimonials

Big kudos for Baton Global in helping us with our playbooks, what a great organization!
Public Policy Leader, Chamber of Commerce Client
Service Provided:
Research Suite
We really appreciated the level of detail and accountability the team demonstrated on the project.
Business Unit Leader, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Research Suite
Their enthusiasm is genuine and positive. Our industry is a little odd and they didn’t shy away from it. We wanted perspective and that’s what they provided us.
Leadership Workshop Participant
Service Provided:
Research Suite
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