Build a winning strategy to succeed in a changing world.

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Build a winning strategy to succeed in a changing world.

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Strategic plans set the long-term direction for an organization so near-term activities can be identified and prioritized.

Bâton’s Strategic Management System (SMS and SMS+) empowers our clients to create clear and effective plans by understanding internal capabilities, capitalizing on changing market conditions, creating a shared vision, and developing aspirational and executable goals.

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  • Strategic Management System
  • Know thyself.  Know thy enemy. Think Big. Work hard.
  • Aligned plans at enterprise and department levels
  • Seamlessly combine high-level goals with operational execution
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Common Challenges

Sustaining growth is unlikely without a plan and consistent execution.  However, formulating a strategic plan is a challenge because key leaders and visionaries must divert some of their mind share away daily execution to ideation for the long term.  Traditional plans are static in nature and usually become obsolete shortly after creation. In sum, these issues are driven by:

No North Star

There is no clear focus.  Investments may be made in initiatives that don’t deliver significant return on investment compared to other alternatives.

Goals Aren't Aspirational

Leaders and managers struggle to identify or communicate goals which are ambitious and yet still attainable by their teams.

Unclear on Success Metrics

Strategies are built without methods to track or measure success or impact created over time.

Lack of Self-Awareness

Lack of clarity about the nature, maturity and differentiating value of organizational capabilities prevents successful strategic execution.

Poor Translation of Market Conditions

Organizations fail to consider the long-term implications of external factors and necessary responses.  We call this failure to anticipate disruptive trends Overtaken by Events (OBE).

Low Engagement

Team members and employees don't see how they contribute to the plan or, even worse, don’t know about the plan.

Our Capabilities

Bâton takes a collaborative approach in guiding organizations to develop successful strategies:

Assess Internal Capabilities

Understand how to leverage organizational competencies to build the necessary skills to compete successfully.

Understand the External Environment

Adapt planning based on external factors and changes in the competitive landscape.

Align Organizational Purpose

Ensure a common understanding and consensus of the organization's mission, vision, and values (Bâton’s Voyager service which is included with SMS and SMS+).

Identify Focus Areas

Identify the areas of greatest emphasis for the organization.

Set Aspirational Objectives

Establish what needs to be achieved by the organization to reach a shared vision.

Measure Success

Select key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tangible and reflect value creation and impact.

Establish High-Level Initiatives

Define large projects of change that are essential in reaching a shared vision.

Real Results

Bâton brings together academics and experts in strategy and leadership who are able to see the future… because they have the experience of seeing it many times before. Using the Bâton SMS+, our team has guided multinational Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and high impact community organizations. Our team understands clients are in different stages of strategy development and implementation. Therefore, we meet our clients wherever they are in the process to drive real results:

Bank Vision & Growth

Development of a Strategic Management System for a federal bank resulting in a comprehensive strategy transformation that created shared vision, alignment, and successful execution that accelerated growth beyond $2B+ USD in revenue.

University Alignment

A comprehensive Strategic Management System for a top-ranked university included an enterprise plan supported by all college-level plans. Implemented over 5+ years, this system transformed the performance, operation and culture of the university.

Northstar for Insurance

A Strategic Leadership System developed for a $3B+ USD financial-services institution that created new north star vision and an operational culture that supports that growth targets.

Build a winning strategy to succeed now and in the future.
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We wouldn't be where we are today without Bâton Global.
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Having an 'outside' perspective and guidance from someone who knows our organization and our community - but doesn't live our work every day from inside the organization - has been incredibly helpful.

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Credibility - working with Bâton is a seal of quality.

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