Case Study

Transformational Leadership at a Fortune 500 Company


A financial services company managing over $500 million in assets sought transformation in its sales leadership approach.

The Story

Sales leaders needed to overcome short-term thinking, reliance on past expertise, compliance focus, and execution-centric priorities. The organization envisioned leaders who could inspire change, formulate strategy, and foster transformational leadership within their teams.

The Challenge

Bâton Global (B|G) partnered with the organization to address these challenges, creating a tailored transformational leadership curriculum. The goal was to shift leaders from conventional approaches to a more strategic and transformative mindset.

The Choice

Leaders actively engaged in the program, identifying personal leadership brands and honing skills in critical thinking and coaching. The impact was tangible as leaders applied newfound abilities, showcasing improvements in critical thinking, collaboration, strategic planning, and team empowerment. The success prompted the extension of the curriculum delivery to individual teams, illustrating the transformative influence on leadership in the dynamic financial landscape.

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