Mission, vision and values statements are the foundation for an organization’s strategic plan. Bâton’s Voyager service helps clients craft these north star statements that convey purpose, direction and underlying values of an organization. Creating and communicating strategic differentiation!

Creating and communicating strategic differentiation.

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Mission, Vision & Values
Creating and communicating strategic differentiation.

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Mission, vision and values statements are the foundation for an organization’s strategic plan.

Bâton’s Voyager service helps clients craft these north star statements that convey purpose, direction and underlying values of an organization. When developed and implemented in a thoughtful manner, these statements become powerful tools providing organizations meaningful guidance, especially in times of rapid change.

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  • Create a differentiating vision and mission
  • Identify the values that build your organizational culture
  • Develop a compelling value proposition
  • Communicate these foundational statements to your entire team
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Common Challenges

Our Bâton Voyager services addresses several clear challenges that prevent organizations and teams from achieving their highest potential:

No North Star

There is no clear focus. Leaders and team-members are unclear on the compelling purpose of the organization or its primary direction.

Goals Aren't Aspiration

Leaders and managers struggle to identify or communicate goals which are ambitious yet still attainable by their teams.

Lack of Self-Awareness

Lack of clarity about the nature, maturity and differentiating value of organizational capabilities prevents successful strategic execution.

Low Engagement

Team members and employees don't have a compelling answer to the “why” or purpose of the organization.  An organizational culture that integrates an aligned mission, vision and/or values has an inspirational employee value proposition.

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Our Capabilities

It is not often that a team has the honor and privilege to rewrite the foundational elements of an organizational culture. At Bâton, we recognize the significance of this endeavor and treat it with the respect and attention it deserves. Our team brings tremendous analytical and inter-personal experience to the creation of these core statements:

Relational Development

Trust is essential during the introspective process of defining mission, vision and value statements. Leveraging experience and expertise, our Bâton team develops the necessary relationships to navigate this important work.

Assess & Describe Purpose

Understanding the essential purpose of the organization:  Why it exists? What it does? Who it serves? What it stands for? And what it wants to achieve in the future?

Align Organization Purpose

Ensure a common understanding and consensus of the organization's mission, vision, and values.  

Team Member Engagement

Assist leaders in socializing an organization’s north star.  

Strengthen Culture

Strengthen shared beliefs and foster meaningful interactions across the organization.  

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Real Results

Mission, vision, and values statements are the guiding forces behind an organization providing foundational direction to inform current and future business strategies. Our facilitated workshops result in:

Shared Purpose

An educational institution found that its mission, vision, and values were outdated and no longer reflected the work it was doing. Going through the Voyager process confirmed broad stakeholder agreement on the current mission of the institution, renewed motivation and engagement, and resolved internal tensions among those who were left out of the old mission, vision, and values.

Clear Vision

A regional transportation company found itself at a crossroads in terms of its next chapter of development under new leadership. The systematic statement of its mission, vision, and values results in clear, shared picture of where the organization is headed and the aspirational long-term goals to be accomplished.

Renewed Commitment

Utilizing Bâton’s Voyager service, a 75-year-old insurance company renewed and refreshed their foundational statements aligning and committing its teams to the next 75 years of customers and clients!

Create mission, vision, and values statements that provide meaningful guidance for your organization.
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Client Testimonials

B|G provided excellent guidance, facilitated discovery, and organized strategic planning for our young association as we were maturing from founder-as-director to new staff and board leadership. This included priority initiatives and a detailed multi-year implementation plan. I’m excited to see the results from this process play out over time.
Executive Director - Strategic Planning
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Matthew and Karter were nothing less than the consummate professionals! I learned from their expertise, specifically Matthew’s ability to guide strategic sessions and pull difficult information out of a change-averse leadership team. Kudos to all of you for a great experience.
HR Leader - Strategy Ideation
Service Provided:
Strategy Suite
You are so good at what you do.  Yes, you delivered the material, but you also made it meaningful for our executive team.
HR Leader - Executive Development
Service Provided:
Strategy Suite
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