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About Us

Bâton Global (B|G) is driven by a desire to bring together the best of academic research with cutting-edge technologies and leading global business experience.

Our mission is to provide strategy, innovation, leadership and research services for solving our clients’ most complex challenges, transforming organizations and communities worldwide.

More About Us

Differentiators: We serve the world through

  • Clarity
    Articulating our client’s future vision with confidence, boldness and integrity
  • Knowledge
    Leading academic and global expertise that is cultivated through proven research methodologies
  • Relationships
    Creating intimate and meaningful partnerships to generate impact for our clients and communities
  • Agility
    Practicing nimbleness, responsiveness and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of our clients

We are proud to serve organizations around the world

Our Services

We leverage decades of experience working with a range of organizations including start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 corporations. 

Through our hubs in Athens, Des Moines, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Riyadh, our global network is prepared to help you unleash your future potential.

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Client Testimonials

It’s not easy to facilitate a full day session with laser focus, but the leaders at Bâton seem to do it effortlessly.  Nice job and thank you so much!

Chief Data Officer, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite
Our team could not have been more complimentary of the work you did. Our vendor also commented that we were light years ahead in planning of what they see from most organizations. Thanks again for the fantastic partnership.
COO, Banking Client
Service Provided:
Innovation Suite

That was WONDERFUL! Jeffrey did an amazing job leading today’s conversation and cultivated an environment that welcomed engagement without fear.

Legal Operations Manager, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite
B|G provided excellent guidance, facilitated discovery, and organized strategic planning for our young association as we were maturing from founder-as-director to new staff and board leadership. This included priority initiatives and a detailed multi-year implementation plan. I’m excited to see the results from this process play out over time.
Executive Director - Strategic Planning
Service Provided:
Strategy Suite

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