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Create, lead and communicate change with confidence!

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Leading change is key to competing in a rapidly evolving and multipolar world. In order for organizations to increase productivity, effectiveness, and employee morale in response to changing market conditions, leaders must be able to quickly assess the current state… and confidently communicate the needed change.

Bâton uses your data to deliver actionable insights and unique solutions to inspire change, overcome resistance and unlock a high-performing culture.

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  • Change Management strategies that lead to lasting business transformation
  • Transformation journey maps to guarantee alignment among leaders and teams
  • Overcome organizational inertia and resistance to change
  • Create a data-driven culture of innovation
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Common Challenges

Organizations often have difficulty beginning their cultural transformation journey.  This can be a result of a number of factors:

Unclear Vision

Lack of purpose makes it hard to direct culture, and consequently change necessary elements of the culture.  

Failure to Measure Current Culture

Organizations have yet to effectively measure organizational values, behaviors, and relationships.

Inconsistent Communication

Teams aren’t in alignment with the organization-wide culture, which creates confusion and inconsistency.

Resistance to Change

Members of the organization are comfortable with pre-established norms and lack motivation to change.

Leadership Commitment

Change hasn’t been communicated effectively by leadership, which results in poor buy-in across the organization.

Our Capabilities

Our approach clears the hurdles that slow transformation efforts and unlocks performance, innovation, and collaboration across your organization:

Defining and Assessing

Bâton uses proprietary analytics and research methodologies powered by Work & People Analytics to define and assess organizational culture – including values, behaviors, and network flows.


Using our proven process, we generate an interactive graphical narrative that clearly communicates your organizations transformation journey.  When team-members can see their place in the story, then they are infinitely more likely to adopt and advocate for the upcoming changes.

Planning and Prioritizing

We guide your leaders in identifying actionable ways in which organizations can execute prioritized change initiatives.

Communicating and Enacting Change

We deliver the necessary tools and direction to initiate immediate change in training workforces, rewarding performance, and attracting and selecting the right people.

Measuring Impact

Organizations see demonstrable change in performance and effectiveness by establishing KPIs and measuring culture change using powerful data visuals.

Real Results

Our team at Bâton has successfully delivered upon the promise of introducing and implementing change for our clients.  All organizations are unique, so we meet them wherever they are on their transformation journey.  As a result, we have partnered with our clients to deliver:

Digital Transformation

Deliver a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap for financial services clients that deliver greater effectiveness, efficiency and increased customer satisfaction with new digital service delivery.

Transformation Journey

A comprehensive reassessment of an organizations business model… to recommit to the founding principles of the original charter.  This involved working with team-members, executive leaders, board members and regulators to capture, communicate and execute an inspiring transformation.

Sustainable Dream

Working with a sovereign client, our Bâton team translated a high-level dream of sustainable global development into reality.  Through close partnership and collaboration, we brought the necessary talent, data, discipline to realize this audacious dream.

Ensure effective, sustainable business transformation with our change management strategies.
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Client Testimonials

THANK YOU for the superpowers you and Bâton Global bring our organization. I’m getting all of you some capes!
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B|G's enthusiasm and knowledge was inspiring.
Innovation Suite
THANK YOU for the superpowers you and Bâton Global bring our organization. I’m getting all of you some capes!
Innovation Suite
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