Case Study

Developing a Funding Strategy for a Public Organization


Mid-major public transportation provider.


As a part of the client’s long-term planning process, the organization’s governing board needed to agree on a funding strategy that addressed critical short-term and long-term funding needs.


Bâton Global (B|G) prepared for and facilitated funding workshops in which stakeholders engaged in  productive and substantive discussions surround the future funding direction for the organization.


Leaders reached an agreement on potential funding options which would determine the organization’s priorities for the upcoming state legislative session.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G conducted a review of internal and external documentation related to the client’s funding strategy.

  • Background research established a better understanding of the client’s financial needs and future funding options and opportunities.


B|G participated in multiple stakeholder meetings to understand the various opinions, analysis, intuitions, and recommendations regarding the client’s current and future funding sources.

  • Stakeholders included the client’s leadership team, members of the governing board, and the organization’s legislative representation.
  • These conversations informed the agenda, structure, goals, and strategy for upcoming funding facilitation workshops.


B|G supported an external partner with funding facilitation workshops in which members of the governing board discussed the organization’s future funding strategy.

  • B|G helped inform deliberation by communicating back comments and concerns from workshop participants and keeping the conversation on track.


Members of the governing board came to a consensus on a number of decisions affecting the organization’s future funding strategy.

  • This allowed the client to craft a focused agenda for the upcoming legislative session in which state lawmakers would deliberate funding requests and approve the organization’s budget.

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