James Bruton

Senior Consultant


James Bruton is extremely good at one thing: helping businesses and organizations succeed. Over the past 20+ years he has spent time in Chicago and Des Moines developing and executing business strategies designed to maximize revenue growth and operational efficiencies while maintaining a focus on customer experience. His multi-faceted industry experience extends to working with organizations in start-up, turnaround, and growth scenarios.

As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of an interactive marketing firm based in Chicago, his skills as an innovative problem solver resulted in internal structuring initiatives to account for significant human resource growth to support revenue needs. His interpersonal skills and hands-on leadership ensured a smooth transition during the company’s acquisition by a large, publicly traded corporation.

After accomplishing his personal goals in Chicago, he and his wife moved to her hometown of Des Moines where he continues to use his business acumen, partnering with businesses and nonprofit organizations to help reach their goals.


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