Case Study

Selecting New Leadership with the Board


Global financial-services company.


The client had tenured leadership with significant knowledge of the business and strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. A clear plan had not been created to identify and develop the next generation of leaders.


The organization engaged B|G to deliver an executive leadership development program and guide the corporate board through this transition. The program was designed to grow individual leader’s skills and competencies as well as create a winning culture among the senior leadership team.


Company leadership expressed greater confidence and assurance that emerging leaders would be able to transition into senior leadership roles.  The company embraced a culture of growth and development that better recognized opportunities to promote and develop the next generation of leaders.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G delivered an objective understanding of up and coming leaders’ competencies and the organization’s succession planning efforts:

  • 16 interviews were conducted with those closest to the leaders, including direct reports, team members, board members, and external partners.
  • B|G oversaw the release of a survey to the company’s 2,000+ employees that assessed the organization’s executives.
  • 360 leadership surveys were administered, and results were delivered to leadership program members.
  • Key findings were delivered to human resources, leadership program members, the executive leadership team, and board of directors.


B|G used the findings cultivated from Insight to develop customized programs with each leader and establish a plan that would successfully transition leadership:

  • B|G coaches worked closely with leaders to develop leadership plans
  • Custom goals were established in partnership with the company’s leaders
  • B|G supported leaders as they presented their plan to multiple employee groups, including the board of directors, executive leadership, and human resources.


B|G worked closely with the insurance company to ensure development of leaders and proper execution of plans:

  • Bi-weekly one on one coaching sessions were held with each leader which included the review of core competencies, reflection on progress, and identification of actions to improve individual development
  • Development sessions were facilitated with all members of the program to foster collaboration and identify key individual learnings
  • B|G led multiple development sessions for program member’s teams
  • B|G facilitated sessions with the board of directors, executive team, and leadership committee to ensure a common understanding of development program and leadership transition progress.


Leaders saw individual growth and measurable progress over the course of the leadership development program, and it allowed the organization to prepare for its transition.

  • Leaders were presented back detailed feedback on areas where the organization’s members have improved and areas where development opportunities still exist
  • An assessment evaluating the fit of potential successors in key roles was shared with the board of directors.
  • B|G provided transparent recommendations to the board of directors regarding the skills and capabilities needed to lead their organization BUT refrained from choosing successors.

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