Case Study

Data-Driven Tool to Measure Wellbeing Across Countries


Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for a Sovereign Nation.

The Story

The Challenge

The client hosts an annual international knowledge exchange platform that brings together a diverse community of thought leaders, government officials, and policymakers to further the discussion about the future of government.

A particular focus of the gathering is to enable governments and support policy makers in developing and implementing data driven, evidence-based policies.

The client was interested in the development of a data-driven governance index that would provide a holistic view of wellbeing across the world to present to stakeholders at its annual meeting.

The Choice

The response

Bâton Global (B|G) was charged with conceptualizing and developing an index that would measure and forecast country level performance across multiple dimensions and numerous indicators to provide policymakers and governments with insight into areas in which they are making progress towards enhancing the wellbeing of their citizens.

The Results

The development of this tool allows countries across the globe to assess their current efforts in delivering wellbeing to citizens and to understand how future policymaking could drive improved national outcomes.

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