Talent reimagined to unleash your people potential.

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Talent reimagined to unleash your people potential.

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Put your talent into the optimal position to produce your desired business results.

We believe people are any organization’s most crucial business asset. Investing in talent has a wide array of potential outcomes. Well-aligned talent can compound results and success more quickly and effectively than most/many other investments, but disengaged talent essentially ensures low productivity, poor results, and missed opportunities. We help organizations overlay the drives and behaviors of their talent with the business’ strategy and jobs to achieve maximum engagement, productivity, and team cohesion.

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  • Utilize quantitative data and analytics to optimize talent with The Predictive Index
  • Workforce engagement solutions that drive productivity and capability
  • Create a high-performing team driven by a culture of collaboration  
  • Performance management that empowers employees and organizations to reach their goals
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Common Challenges

Turnover, bad hires, and team conflicts are detrimental to success, and employee disengagement can spread quickly and limit discretionary effort. B|G considers these to be symptoms that stem from core problems such as:

Subjective Decision-Making

While the use of data has become increasingly common in many organizations, this practices often focuses upon sales, operations, and financials. Meanwhile, hiring decisions continue to be made with “gut feel” and lack actionable insights about who is behaviorally aligned to a job, and how team dynamics would be impacted.

Static Leadership Style

Leading others is an honorable responsibility, but it can also be challenging, particularly in today’s fast-paced business climate. Many leaders end up leading their direct reports in a one-size-fits-all manner without understanding their unique needs. The potential impact of highly capable talent can be unrealized if they feel misunderstood or undervalued.

Team-Based Tensions

Teamwork is more critical than ever, yet poor communication, insufficient collaboration, and a lack of self-awareness can leave much to be desired. In result, inadvertent tensions arise that remove focus from key objectives and limit creativity.

Shallow Engagement Surveys

Measuring engagement is one thing - understanding it is another. Many business leaders have great intentions to capture insights and sentiment from their talent, but traditional platforms typically lack outputs that prescribe corrective actions. Instead, leaders are left with wordy reports that need to be deciphered and the trust they’ve earned amongst their employees dwindles as they witness inaction.

Our Capabilities

We subscribe to the practice of Talent Optimization — a four-part discipline specifying what’s vital for aligning your business strategy and your people strategy so you can achieve your desired business results. At its core is the collection, analysis, and application of people data.


  • Align the organization's structure to the business strategy and develop that activity into a habit, in order to keep pace with evolving needs. This is not a one-time event.
  • Map leadership competencies to the strategy, plot senior leaders' fit to those competencies, and identify gaps that may require leaders to stretch, replace, or delegate.
  • Create awareness of senior team member similarities and differences, demonstrate self-awareness and a willingness to grow, and set the cultural tone for the rest of the organization


  • Solicit stakeholder input from the hiring manager and beyond, such as a high performer in a similar role, to clarify job requirements in objective terms rather than vague concepts.
  • Pinpoint the behavioral drives and cognitive ability candidates need to be successful in a job, and quickly identify those who are (and those who are not) a natural fit - with data.
  • Use assessment data to give interview teams the ability to see how each candidate would fit within the team and company culture.


  • Develop servant leaders at every level and encourage awareness of self and others. Equip leaders and direct reports to understand the similarities and differences between them, and converse about the best ways of working together.
  • Identify new jobs while the organization matures, not after. Career pathing is more than a conversation once a year; it should be a steady rhythm that is forward-looking and future-driven. This enables the hiring of more committed candidates and encourages existing employees to seek out regular changes of position that align with their natural abilities.
  • Reinforce culture as a catalyst for individual and collective productivity by frequently communicating cultural norms, addressing adverse behaviors, and rewarding cultural champions.


  • Measure people data such as behavioral styles, culture, employee engagement, and job performance to uncover the people problems that are the root cause of business problems.
  • Prioritize problems in terms of magnitude, relevance to business outcomes, breadth, and repetition in order to act quickly and in a variety of ways that resonate with those impacted.

Real Results

Optimize your talent to produce your desired business results.
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Client Testimonials

This (workshop) will give our staff a sense of cohesion among the leadership of the organization that I have not seen.
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This has been the most collaborative and productive project I’ve been a part of during my time at the organization. Why didn’t we do this 10-15 years ago?!
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THANK YOU for the super powers you and Bâton Global bring our organization. I’m getting all of you some capes!
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