Case Study

Insights from a PhD Data Scientist


Midwest commercial bank with over $3 billion in assets.

The Story

The Challenge

The client wanted to improve their use of data and had surfaced a variety of questions that were difficult to answer due to a siloed technical environment and a lack of data analytic professionals. How could the bank leap ahead to introduce these capabilities in a time and cost effective manner?

The Choice

The response

Bâton Global embedded a Data Scientist (PhD with expertise in econometrics, machine learning, and data visualization) into the banks existing data environment. Fielding questions from the evecutive team, the data scientist was able to work through a prioritized list of requests to provide insight that powers a more data informed discussion around the issues facing the bank.

The Results

Within a matter of weeks, the initial area for analysis posed was completed – providing regression and time series analysis on the banks users of particular product sets. The data was sliced geographically, to surface differences in process and approach so that best practice could be more readily understood and deployed. Targeted outreach campaigns were developed to nudge customer behavior.

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