Case Study

Insights from a PhD Data Scientist


A Midwest commercial bank, facing data utilization challenges due to fragmented systems, sought effective, cost-efficient data solutions.

The Story

This financial institution is renowned for its comprehensive range of banking services, catering to both individual and business clients. It offers personal banking solutions, business and corporate services, as well as wealth management expertise. Known for its commitment to customer service and community engagement, the bank combines modern financial expertise with a personal touch to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

The Challenge

Lacking data expertise and a unified technical environment, the bank struggled with unanswered queries, hindering informed decision-making.

The Choice

Partnering with Bâton Global, the bank integrated a PhD data scientist into their environment, enabling rapid analysis. Within weeks, data insights through regression and geospatial analysis drove targeted campaigns, guiding operational improvements and behavioral nudges. This integration revolutionized decision-making, bridging data gaps and optimizing operations for informed, data-driven strategies.

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