Technology Strategy


Optimize your organization’s data policies, product management, and work processes for the long run with a solid Technology Strategy.

B|G helps organizations envision the ideal future state of their technological foundation, and then formulates strategies to develop the necessary digital infrastructure for their intended business growth. Technology Strategy is ultimately a long-term investment in the sustainability of your organization’s business model. Future-proof the way you serve customers to maintain a powerful competitive advantage over your competitors.

Common Challenges

Designing a bespoke end-to-end Technology Strategy involves tackling existing gaps in workflow and data structures. B|G observes the following recurring gaps in many organizations:

Siloed IT Strategy

Departmental silos are a growing pain in many dynamic organizations, hindering them from securing cost savings and integrated customer experiences

Fragmented Data Pools

Many organizations have an abundance of data, but often lack efficient data processing and analytics capabilities to derive actionable insights

Short-Term Digital Investments

Firms spend significant amounts on 'catch up' digital infrastructure, but miss opportunities to future proof them for emerging digital customer needs

Our Capabilities

We leverage the following principles to build robust Technology Strategies for our clients:

Unlock Business Unit Synergies

Develop data infrastructure and management capabilities which amplify business unit capabilities – integrate sales and marketing functions with data-driven decision, and empower product development teams with the latest business intelligence

Be AI and Machine Learning-Ready

Overcome unintegrated data pools to leverage truly innovative Data Science and Analytics capabilities

Technology Partnerships

Learn how to partner with startups and technology companies in the ecosystem to co-create tailored technology solutions

Time and Cost-Efficient Innovation

Develop and structure your tech capability development initiatives to enable time and cost savings

Real Results

B|G helped a major financial institution in Asia formulate a multi-year Technology Strategy to develop omnichannel experiences, create new data infrastructure, and strengthen tech partnership capabilities.

We engaged hundreds of client customers and staff to gain ‘big picture’ insights on the client's holistic needs. B|G’s experts then worked collaboratively with dozens of leaders and stakeholders within the financial institution to co-create project plans, price initiatives, sequence project timelines, develop evaluative metrics, and identify key success factors. Consequently, the client had the institutional framework to launch a nationwide rebrand campaign, emphasizing its progressive and tech-enabled approach towards organizational sustainability.

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Client Testimonials

I’m not sure how this was put together, but this is amazing! You did a great job. Thanks for all you are doing and for how fast you all have reacted to piece this together.