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Having served clients of all types, Bâton Global has witness a myriad of ways organizations manage their strategies. Cascade ensures successful execution through configurable, accessible, and goal-driven software.

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Simplify your strategy

The world’s #1 strategy platform

The old way

Disconnected plans, processes and reports with no clear link to main objectives or teams involved.

The Cascade way!

Your planning, activity, and results are all living in Cascade for everyone to see, no matter what tools you use!

Who benefits?


I want to see how we’re performing from a bird’s eye view!


I want to manage my staff with strategy in mind, doing what matter and cutting what doesn’t!


I want to see how my work directly impacts the organization!

Cascade's Flexible Strategy Model

Every organization is different and there’s no one strategy model that’s right for everyone. Cascade lets you choose and name the strategy elements that are important and omit elements that may be noise.

Cascade in action

Cascade is a powerful yet intuitive tool that will boost your execution efficiency. See how Cascade simplifies planning, managing, and tracking.  

Baton Global is the only Cascade Certified Partner in the United States. 

As a Certified Partner of Cascade, Bâton Global can assist with your Cascade setup, on-boarding, and on-going support. Bâton Global clients have rapid access to our strategy experts who’ve helped hundreds of organizations in the United States and around the world.

World strategy experts

Bâton Global leverages decades of experience working with organizations from start-ups, to non-profits, to Fortune 100 corporations. 

Innovative & Balanced.  Flexible & Structured.  Inspirational &  Realistic.  These are common tradeoffs a successful strategy must balance.

Applying our Strategy Suite tools, Bâton Global’s professionals can accelerate the creation of new and updated strategies.

Realize your vision

Bâton Global’s provides strategy, innovation, leadership and research services for solving our clients’ most complex challenges, transforming organizations and communities worldwide.

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