Successful strategy is a balance of art and science comprised of four key ingredients. Bâton Global (B|G) guides organizations through the B|G Framework — harnessing these ingredients to deliver meaningful, adaptable, and impactful strategies.

B|G brings together academics and experts who are leaders within management and strategy. We understand that organizations are in different stages of developing and implementing strategy and strive to meet clients wherever they are in the process. With decades of combined experience, B|G ensures clients establish audacious goals and create a system that leads to the successful implementation of their strategy.

  • Know Thyself — An objective appraisal of the culture, capabilities, and resources of your organization.
  • Know Thy Enemy — A profound understanding of the external environment including competitors and trends in your industry and community.
  • Think Big — Setting bold, long term, simple, and agreed-upon objectives.
  • Work Hard — Perseverance, passion, and effective execution are required to make the first three elements a reality and implement a successful strategy.

Our Approach

The B|G Framework guides organizations through the planning process. The four pillars ensure the key ingredients of strategy are present throughout development.

  • Insight
    The goal of Insight is to establish a shared understanding of the internal and external environments of your organization. Knowing Thyself and Knowing Thy Enemy are crucial to the successful development and implementation of your organization’s strategy.
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  • Innovation
    The goal of Innovation is to Think Big and develop a viable plan that compliments the unique opportunities and challenges facing your organization. B|G adopts a “continuous improvement” philosophy to ensure that strategies do not become irrelevant in response to changing internal and external conditions.
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  • Integration
    Hard Work is needed so new goals and tactics are well received by stakeholders and implemented across your organization. We partner with organizations in providing communication support, coaching and development of key internal leaders, and plan review and refinement so points of weakness or conflict are eliminated.
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  • Impact
    B|G partners with organizations to ensure proper metrics are established to measure the success of their new strategy. Measured results provide clear insight into whether any change has had a desired effect on organizational performance.
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We are proud to serve organizations around the world

Balancing Art & Science

Our Strategic Management System

Strategic planning is often seen as a three-year exercise completed by executive leadership but never used. In contrast, B|G believes in the adoption of a strategic management system (SMS) featuring seamless integration between strategic planning and execution.

This system provides balanced flexibility for organizations to reconcile long-term goals with short-term actions. Transformative for organizations across industries, the B|G Framework guides organizations in the adaptation of the SMS, inclusive of key ingredients, which leads to successful execution and lasting impact.

  • STEP 1
    Make a strategic analysis
  • STEP 2
    Develop the strategy
  • STEP 3
    Translate the strategy
  • STEP 4
    Execute the strategy
  • STEP 5
    Monitor and adapt the strategy


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This morning's session went really well!  We are even more excited now to take this journey.  Nice job, Bâton Global!


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