Innovation is the recognition of impermanence and the continuous need for change. Change occurs in every aspect of business and its pace will only become more dramatic as the world becomes increasingly integrated.

Bâton Global (B|G) is driven to help clients create a culture of innovation and strategic ambidexterity to compete for the present and prepare for the future simultaneously. We offer a collection of services to guide your organization intaking advantage of its changing environment and continues to generate financial, organizational, and social impact.

  • Data — Identifying how to utilize data to generate business outcomes
  • Technology — Enabling organizations to leverage data and serve customers
  • Strategy — Empowering teams to make data driven strategic decisions

Our Approach

The B|G Framework guides organizations in taking the imagined and making it real. The four pillars of the B|G Framework ensure that innovation within your organization creates tangible results and is recognized by all stakeholders in your organization.

  • Insight
    We begin by reviewing and challenging existing assumptions about the market, current processes, and the measures of success. Identifying the internal and external environments of your organization allows for development of a plan to transform your organization.
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  • Innovation
    Based on our insight, this stage involves developing sequenced goals to reach an envisioned future. Our plans are designed around your mission and vision, meeting the needs of customers, and creative problem solving.
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  • Integration
    Culture and leadership are at the heart of any change effort. We work with organizations to prepare them for the transition to the new system. Only a successfully implemented innovation will drive an organization to continuously improve and adapt, providing increased value to their customers.
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  • Impact
    B|G partners with organizations to ensure proper metrics are established to measure the success of their change management program. Measured results provide clear insight into whether any innovation has had a desired effect on organizational performance.
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We are proud to serve organizations around the world

Making the imagined, real.

Our innovation services include:

  • Digital Transformation – Unlocking digital technology to transform business processes, culture, and customer experiences. B|G helps partners think, plan, and build digitally to be more agile, flexible, and ready to grow.
  • Innovation Management – Cultivating a culture of innovation in which the right people and processes are in place to ideate and challenge current assumptions.
  • Process Optimization – Improved processes allocate limited capital, resources, and talent to their most effective use to create greater value to your customers.
  • Technology Strategy – Leveraging technology to optimize internal processes and improve the customer experience.

Many organizations turn to innovation in solving the challenges and opportunities they face. We ensure clients understand how data and technology impact their organizations to integrate these solutions into their activities. Leveraging its portfolio of expertise, and in collaboration with world class data and technology solution providers, B|G is proud to partner with firms worldwide on this journey.


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I’m not sure how this was put together, but this is amazing! You did a great job. Thanks for all you are doing and for how fast you all have reacted to piece this together.


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