In a constantly changing world, all organizations face the need for insight into the trends that impact them and their customers. Bâton Global (B|G) packages insights so leaders are equipped to take confident steps in realizing their organization’s future.

No matter the industry, all organizations require an accurate understanding of dynamic markets to win over customers and anticipate coming shifts. We walk alongside you to understand your world by discovering the perspectives of various stakeholders, engaging with top experts in your industry, and speaking directly to the customers, etc. Our experience employing various methodologies and knowledge of analytical techniques ensures we provide you robust information to drive action.

  • Data Analytics – Using various sources of data to observe patterns and predict your organization’s future outcomes
  • Industry Trends – Identifying how significant industry change will impact your organization
  • Index and Scale Development – Transforming data to foster transparent, objective, and value accretive decision making
  • Market Research – Developing a profound understanding of your customer to build lasting relationships

Our Approach

We are proud to serve organizations around the world

Leaders are required to make bold, strategic decisions to navigate new customer preferences, up and coming challengers, and an evolving regulatory climate. Our academic research methodologies ensure you have tailored insights to take meaningful action in embracing change and pursuing big, audacious goals. We leverage a portfolio of global expertise, including PhD qualified researchers, to bring insight your leaders need to face change confidently.

We really appreciated the level of detail and accountability the team demonstrated on the project.
— Data Analytics Client
Their enthusiasm is genuine and positive. Our industry is a little odd and they didn’t shy away from it. We wanted perspective and that’s what they provided us.
— Market Research Client


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Big kudos for Baton Global in helping us with our playbooks, what a great organization!

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