Outstanding leaders within all organizations - from startups to multi-nationals - should always be ready for change. Leveraging your organization’s individual vision, mission, and culture, Bâton Global (B|G) transforms leaders of today and tomorrow to ensure a positive and enduring impact on your organization, customers, and community.

Leaders who display curiosity, integrity, character, innovation, transparency and ethics motivate their teams to fully engage with the organization’s strategic vision. At B|G we bring together experts who are themselves leaders with decades of combined international experience.

We deliver leadership training, team development, and executive coaching with individuals and groups in a variety of organizations, including startups, non-profits, governments and Fortune 100 corporations, across the world. In addition to Leadership Development, we offer a suite of Human Capital services including change management, human resources strategy, cultural design, and performance management.

Our Approach

The B|G Framework creates transformative leadership development. The four pillars of the B|G Framework ensure that leaders within your organization create tangible results and guide teams to realize the strategic vision.

  • Insight
    Leaders’ ability to inspire passionate performance is contingent upon an accurate understanding of the internal and external environments. This pillar cultivates client’s skills to objectively appraise the forces that impact their ability to lead ensuring successful development of a leadership plan.
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  • Innovation
    Based on Insight, B|G guides the leadership development journey through a variety of customizable tools that evaluate skills, competencies, values, cultural traits, etc. This approach ensures your teams and leaders are building the capabilities needed to succeed in your changing world to reach their personal and professional aspirations.
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  • Integration
    Once the plan is developed, B|G partners with organizations to create a safe and challenging environment crucial for personal and professional growth. This provides space for both individual and group engagement, transforming leadership’s skills and competencies.
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  • Impact
    A successful leadership strategy can be measured at multiple levels, including a leader’s ability to achieve goals and organizational outcomes. We work with organizations to create appropriate metrics to assess leadership’s personal and professional growth and organizational impact.
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We are proud to serve organizations around the world

Preparing Leaders for the Future

Leadership plans often include:

  • Talent Management – Acquisition and retention of the best talent in the market, to succeed in an ever-changing environment, now and for the organization’s future.
  • Assessment & Feedback – Identifying the core drivers to develop leaders at all levels of your organization.  
  • Executive Coaching – Unlocking a leader’s potential and motivations to maximize their own performance and drive their teams to create lasting results.
  • Learning – Developing skills and competencies that are needed to drive your organization’s strategic vision.
  • Team Capability – Providing your teams with the tools and direction to accelerate their performance.
  • Succession Planning – Identifying, mapping and developing the leaders who will drive future growth and sustainability in your organization.
  • Leading Through Change – Developing and implementing a formulated approach and framework that ensures leadership through Mergers and Acquisitions stay on track and go to plan, with measurable outcomes for success.


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This has been the most collaborative and productive project I’ve been a part of during my time at the organization. Why didn’t we do this 10-15 years ago?!


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