Disrupt yourself or be disrupted — be empowered with the right insight.

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Disrupt yourself or be disrupted — be empowered with the right insight.

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Leveraging a portfolio of data analytics, expert insight, market data, and predictive modeling as needed to analyze the impact of industry and global economic changes on your organization so you can protect your competitive advantage.

Organizations operate in a complex, dynamic environment impacted by multiplying, simultaneous and ever-shifting forces, trends, and influences. Whether your company is launching a new product or defending a market position, understanding industry trends is crucial. Through an accurate assessment of the market, Bâton Global (B|G) helps clients create strategies that result in strong financial performance and long-term sustainability.

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  • Gain a clear understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Comprehensive industry analysis to anticipate future trends
  • Identify new product that align to emerging trends
  • Identify new market opportunities – at home and abroad
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Common Challenges

Companies can take the guesswork out of growth strategies by leveraging industry research to make critical decisions involving:

Launch of New Product or Service

Requires a clear understanding of demand, competitors, and other market forces.

Expansion to New Markets

Requires analysis of industry attractiveness and strategic fit.

Changing Industry Environment

Identification of emerging opportunities, threats, and trends and their effect on performance.

Strategic Planning

Holistic picture of the external environment, now and in the future.

Growth Acceleration

Identify potential paths to expansion and new market selection and entry.

Diminishing Marketing Share

Develop an understanding of competitors’ actions in the marketplace.

Our Capabilities

Our industry research involves a number of interconnected activities that join together to create a holistic view of the market.

Primary research gathers information directly from key stakeholders, while secondary research establishes a baseline of information concerning competitors, markets, and products. Predictive modeling and data analytics leverage findings to gain insight into the unique challenges the firm faces in the market. With our customized research, deep functional expertise, and strategic analysis, we uncover influencing factors, innovations, and competitor activity crucial in making informed decisions that deliver long-term value to your customers.

Real Results

Clients have used our industry trends research to:

  • Preserve and protect competitive advantages in a changing digital environment.
  • Innovate and launch products addressing new stakeholder needs.
  • Leverage new technology internally to drive additional efficiency.

Understand the forces impacting your industry.
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Client Testimonials

Big kudos for Baton Global in helping us with our playbooks, what a great organization!
Research Suite
We really appreciated the level of detail and accountability the team demonstrated on the project.
Research Suite
Their enthusiasm is genuine and positive. Our industry is a little odd and they didn’t shy away from it. We wanted perspective and that’s what they provided us.
Research Suite
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