Case Study

Targeting Consumers using Human Centered Design


Malaysian commercial bank with more than $10 billion in assets.


The client had aspirations to launch a new fintech product but needed target consumer data in order to support product development, a go-to-market plan, and a marketing strategy.


B|G used a Human Centered Design approach to the problem, focused on understanding the customers and their ecosystem in order to isolate the attitudes and behaviors that impact product development, product design, go-to-market plan, and the marketing strategy.

B|G provided data, research, analysis, and insight on consumer dynamics for a subset of the bank’s target fintech customer.


The client was able to develop an effective product development and design plan and a customer strategy which was propelled forward by B|G’s target Human Centered Design consumer profiling research.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


In the initial secondary research phase of the project, B|G conducted a review of internal and external documentation relating to the target customer.

  • This literature review and secondary data collection provided an initial understanding of the client’s target customer.
  • Background research also established what information currently existed and what additional information needed to be collected and/or confirmed.


In the primary research phase of the project, B|G conducted focus groups and developed and delivered surveys to collect additional data and information pertaining to the target customer that was not discoverable through secondary research. Key activities in this phase included:

  • Design of the survey instrument, focus groups, refinements and validation of the survey instrument, identification of distribution channels for the survey instrument, distribution of the survey instrument, aggregation of the survey data, and analysis of the survey data.


Upon completion of the data collection research phases of the project, B|G compiled and analyzed the primary and secondary data.

  • A summary analysis of the research findings was presented to the leadership team.


B|G’s data, research, analysis and findings informed the client’s marketing strategy.

  • The client was able to refine their target consumer profiles through a better understanding of their customers’ needs, wants, interests, preferred delivery channels, among others.
  • The client integrated findings into their marketing strategy for pursuing the target customers.

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