Case Study

Assessing Disruption in the Death Care Industry


An insurance leader specializing in end-of-life services sought insight into the funeral sector’s potential disruptions over the next 5-10 years.

The Story

With a commitment to end-of-life planning, this company stands out as a national authority in advance funeral planning and funding for final expenses. As a preferred provider, this insurance leader is celebrated for its stability, security, and integrity within the funeral professions.

The Challenge

Bâton Global (B|G) conducted comprehensive research, blending primary and secondary methodologies, to gauge forthcoming industry disturbances. Interviews and market analyses were instrumental in understanding strategic drivers and foreseeing potential disruptions.

The Choice

Integrating professional insight and disruptive models, B|G provided a detailed report outlining potential disturbances and strategic recommendations. This approach empowered the client to adjust its business model to better cater to evolving consumer needs and proactively innovate, fortifying its resilience against future industry shifts

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