Building an inspiring plan to achieve your biggest dreams.

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Building an inspiring plan to achieve your biggest dreams.

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Often seen as intimidating, complex, and extremely difficult, B|G has found successful ideation and subsequent strategy execution to be a balance of art and science.

We work with our clients to develop quantum leap goals, also known as high-level initiatives, stretch goals, or BHAGs – big-hairy-audacious goals.  These goals lay out a bold and clear vision for the future and create sustainable differentiation from current and future competitors.

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  • Facilitate design thinking to spark innovation
  • Follow a proven process to develop solutions for your most complex problems
  • Tough-love prioritization using a blend of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Explore HLIs + Quantum Leap Goals that define the future
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Common Challenges

When it comes to formulating and implementing quantum leap goals, organizations may be held back by the following challenges:

Lack of Innovative Thinking

The current environment doesn’t empower individuals to leverage their full creative potential.

Unclear Current and Future Context

There is no clear focus. Leaders and team-members are unclear on the compelling purpose of the organization or its primary direction.

Ineffective Implementation Plans

High level initiatives are poorly introduced and implemented, leading to confusion and negatively impacting employee morale.

Our Capabilities

As we help organizations take quantum leap goals from ideation to activation, our approach includes:

Understand the External Environment

Develop a profound understanding of external factors and changes in the competitive landscape in order to set appropriate goals.

Assess Internal Capabilities

Understand how to capitalize on current competencies and build skillsets in order to support the execution of identified goals.

Identify Quantum-leap Goals

Hold multiple rounds of ideation and iteration to consolidate a common understanding of the current and future context and formulate higher-order quantum leap goals that support growth.


Create plans to support the selection of effective, inspiring and long-term quantum leap goals. Provide ongoing support to ensure the innovation becomes integrated into the organization’s everyday operations.

Spur Innovative Thinking

Challenge current and next-generation leaders to further develop their own strategic thinking, critical-thinking, and innovation competencies

Real Results

Identifying the right quantum leap goals is a crucial step to achieve long-term success. Bâton provides support with ideation, writing, vetting, prioritizing, and executing these initiatives while ensuring alignment to vision and mission. We help our clients craft breakthrough innovation strategies and define a clear action plans to propel the strategy forward. As a result, we have provided our clients support to:

Set Next Generational Goals

Bâton led a process for a national marketing agency facing to identify, prioritize and execute ‘quantum leap’ goals for the firm’s future.  Leaders shared their visions for future development with inspired team members who shared feedback for refinement and execution.

Dream Big

After a series of background interviews and industry research, Bâton ran a regional non-profit through a series of design thinking workshops that led to a reorganization of their client operations, new fundraising initiatives, and new sales channels.

Encounter Disruption

Insurance client wanted to meet the market head-on to prepare for coming changes in the marketplace. Bâton worked with the firm’s leaders and largest clients to create a plan for new product innovation to reflect coming market trends.

Build an inspiring plan to achieve your organization's transformational goals.
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Client Testimonials

THANK YOU for the superpowers you and Bâton Global bring our organization. I’m getting all of you some capes!
Innovation Suite
B|G's enthusiasm and knowledge was inspiring.
Innovation Suite
THANK YOU for the superpowers you and Bâton Global bring our organization. I’m getting all of you some capes!
Innovation Suite
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