Case Study

Roadmap to Greater Industry Innovation and Advocacy


A Midwest agricultural advocacy organization.


The organization’s previous strategic planning efforts resulted in plans that were complex, inexecutable, and didn’t fully capture the vision shared by all key stakeholders. New leadership had a great vision for the organization and looked for outside support to develop an operational approach to reach future goals.


Baton Global (B|G) partnered with the management team, board of directors, and other key stakeholders to develop a framework to prioritize initiatives, measure success, and layout a roadmap to promote increased innovation and create international partnerships.


The roadmap allowed the organization to execute effectively upon the shared vision of key stakeholders which has led to the growth of the organization and immediate impact in the local agriculture industry.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G reviewed past strategies and worked with key stakeholders to identify how the organization could promote industry innovation in the future.

  • B|G reviewed existing plans to understand the vital inputs to incorporate into the new strategy.
  • The perspectives of key board members and industry leaders were gathered through stakeholder interviews.
  • B|G delivered a common understanding of the external landscape by conducting research on industry factors, activities of like-minded organizations, and areas of opportunities for the organization.


The management team and board members established a shared vision and understood the impact they wanted to deliver in the agriculture industry. B|G helped establish a framework and road to reach this vision.

  • The management team identified a collection of objectives to reach the vision established by key stakeholders.
  • B|G worked with leadership to create a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress and set priorities. Unlike in past plans, these KPIs were screened to include only results the organization could achieve directly.
  • A series of high-level initiatives (HLIs) established a clear roadmap of the actions the organization needed to take in order to reach established targets.


Once developed, the management team began executing initiatives in the roadmap and communicating the strategy to key stakeholders.

  • B|G worked with the management team to incorporate key feedback from the board of directors into the strategy.
  • HLIs were prioritized, sequenced, and assigned appropriate resources to ensure the organization began executing the strategy.
  • B|G supported the management team as the strategy was delivered to key industry groups and leaders in the Midwest and abroad.


The framework and roadmap solidified the shared vision of the stakeholders and  allowed the organization to drive innovation within the agriculture industry.

  • The organization approved the hiring of additional resources upon finalization of the plan.
  • A new program was announced to connect agriculture leaders in Iowa with growing international players.
  • The organization was positioned to tell local innovation success stories in agriculture more impactfully and is driving change within the industry.

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