Moving forward together with shared purpose and vision.

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Moving forward together with shared purpose and vision.

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In today’s ever-changing and complex world, it is essential for leaders to find time to collaborate as a unified team.

Our professionally facilitated retreats and on-demand meeting facilitation allow executives and team-members to address large organizational issues while stepping away from the tactical responsibilities of actually prepping and running the meeting.

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  • Professional and experienced facilitation
  • Winning strategic retreats and board meetings, scenario planning, etc…
  • On-demand facilitation of executive level meetings
  • Crisis management for teams and organizations
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Common Challenges

Getting the most out of a retreat or facilitated group is never easy. Common retreat challenges include:

Unclear Desired Outcome

Retreat participants aren’t sure of the desired outcomes of the retreat and the important decisions to be made.

Lack of Psychological Safety

Participants aren’t given an equal opportunity to voice their opinion on important topics.

Low Engagement

The energy and motivation of retreat participants drop which leads to poor collaboration and results.

Poor Ideation

Retreat participants aren’t given the structure or space for ideation or divergent thinking, which results in stale conversations.

No Accountability

Ideas and decisions collected during the retreat are lost in the cracks due to inadequate follow-up.

Our Capabilities

Our approach ensures retreats lead to positive outcomes for participants and your organization:

Establishing a Vision

Facilitations are set up for success when there is a clear understanding of desired outcomes, access to relevant data, awareness of group dynamics, and an outline of potential retreat scenarios.

Creating a Safe Space

Participants clearly understand the ground rules for retreat sessions which establish an encouraging, open, and judgment-free environment to share ideas.

Maintaining High Energy

Flexibility, time management, and conflict resolution ensure participants remain highly engaged and active during the retreat.

Unlocking Ideation

Proven methodologies and tools are used to ensure active participation and collaboration through in-person and virtual settings.

Addressing Critical Questions

We bring objectivity and business strategy acumen to ensure retreat participants are addressing important decisions for their organization.

Driving Action

Ideas are connected to the goals of the meeting and reflected back to participants to ensure consensus and resolution.

Ensuring Follow-up

We ensure important decisions and action items are carried forward after the retreat.

Real Results

Bâton Global brings together experts in management, strategy, and leadership development with thousands of hours of collective retreat facilitation experience. We understand that your meeting or retreat is unique!

Creativity Unleashed

Joint meetings between the executive team and board members of a healthcare organization were failing to deliver any long-term goals or vision because they were spending too much time in the weeds. Bâton crafted and delivered a retreat that was structured to keep all participants “out of the weeds” and “thinking big” about how to address the complex challenges facing players in that industry.

Conflict Diffused

In their own words, one technology board was “near implosion” before engaging Bâton for retreat facilitation. Having learned about the internal dynamics ahead of time, Bâton facilitators were able direct conflict to its most constructive use through question framing to get to consensus decisions that all parties found acceptable.

Direction Clarified

A professional association facing declining membership and increased competition among the services it provides engaged Orchestrate to drive an honest and impartial conversation among its board and key stakeholders to chart a path forward. The leadership team recognized the power of having an external facilitator with industry knowledge who could push and probe participants’ responses to create a more robust and thoughtful plan for the future.

Let us help make your next meeting or retreat a success.
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We wouldn't be where we are today without Bâton Global.
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Having an 'outside' perspective and guidance from someone who knows our organization and our community - but doesn't live our work every day from inside the organization - has been incredibly helpful.

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Credibility - working with Bâton is a seal of quality.

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