Case Study

Increasing Revenue and Customer Value for a Non-Core Business Unit


An Iowa-based non-profit dedicated to agriculture and sustainability.

The Story

Faced with financial strain, the organization created a revenue-generating environmental testing division to meet customer demand. However, it burdened the organization financially, prompting management to seek a shift from a financial drain to a self-sustaining practice.

The Challenge

The client aimed to transform the environmental testing division into a self-sustaining entity amidst financial challenges, requiring a strategic shift for profitability. Bâton Global (B|G) responded by conducting a concise business canvas analysis and financial modeling to explore pathways for increased customer value while assessing break-even and profitability scenarios.

The Choice

Collaboratively, leaders outlined a clear path for the division's profitability, identifying additional revenue streams, cost-saving opportunities, and strategies to better leverage resources from other units. This transformation not only addressed the initial challenge but also positioned the environmental testing division as a resilient and financially viable component within the non-profit organization.

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