Accelerate your digital strategy for optimal performance!

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Accelerate your digital strategy for optimal performance!

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B|G designs attractive and creative Digital Customer Experiences which drive client engagement and increase yield per customer.

Leveraging design thinking and agile methods, we take a co-creative approach to designing new experiences to catalyze process improvement and product development. B|G designs a Digital Transformation plan to execute impactful projects which address your organization’s strategic needs.

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  • Identify optimization opportunities through customer journeys  
  • Establish clarity of purpose with clearly understood “why” and “how”
  • Detailed process and data definition
  • Accelerate your technology strategy to deliver successful digital transformation
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Common Challenges

Optimizing your processes to take advantage of digital solutions are often stymied by:

Too Many Solutions

A crowded legacy architecture resulting from a series of “one-off” solutions in the past. Automation in a given area of the firm is difficult to scale and adapt to other areas.

Multiple Data Sources

The Single Source of Truth (SSoT) is elusive due to data being entered in a variety of locations.

Not Enough Speed

A segregated architecture gives rise to process complications in moving data from A to B.

No Roadmap

The way in which changes can be made aren’t clearly defined in a way that matters to the staff of the organization.

Organizational Inertia

Large meaningful changes that cross organization boundaries frequently encounter internal resistance.

Our Capabilities

We work with organizations based on their pace to maximize the full value of their digital transformation. Our approach ensures positive outcomes for your organization:

Establishing a Roadmap

Determining a clear path forward to a simpler architecture and solution set.

Process Improvement

Mapping processes to identify optimization opportunities that are customer-centric and aligned to enterprise objectives.

Incremental Improvement

Ensuring that steps are defined and executed upon that align to the future vision at the appropriate pace while delivering tangible benefits along the way, rather than only at the end.

Product Specifications

Creation of specifications, suitable for inclusion in RFPs or more customized solutions.

Real Results

Bâton brings to digital transformation academics and experts who are leaders in management, product development, technology infrastructure, customer experience, and strategy.  Being solution agnostic, Bâton strives to identify the solutions that easily solve our clients’ challenges delivering the best value for their customers.  For example, our efforts have resulted in:

100 Years Strong

Working with a global financial services organization, the Bâton team designed and delivered automated provisioning and straight-through processing to drive efficiency yielding new products and services.

Single Source of Truth

Bâton guided a healthcare and pension benefits provider through the integration of their disparate systems to arrive at a single source of truth.  We then assisted them in selecting an appropriate CRM system to leverage the aggregated data and delight their customers with better support.

CX Reimagined

Following extensive industry analysis and focus groups with key customers, Bâton delivered a comprehensive technology plan to enhance virtual service delivery toward providing a seamless multichannel experience to maximize ROI.

Legacy Transformation

A large public bank required expert guidance on migrating data from their legacy systems to a cloud data warehouse. Once complete, Bâton also helped them plan a process to develop enhanced capabilities across internal teams to boost customer satisfaction while promoting new products effectively.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey.
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Client Testimonials

THANK YOU for the superpowers you and Bâton Global bring our organization. I’m getting all of you some capes!
Innovation Suite
B|G's enthusiasm and knowledge was inspiring.
Innovation Suite
THANK YOU for the superpowers you and Bâton Global bring our organization. I’m getting all of you some capes!
Innovation Suite
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