Digital Transformation


B|G designs attractive and creative Digital Customer Experiences which drive client engagement and increase yield per customer.

We do this while simplifying your organization’s customer-facing workflows and leveraging digital capabilities to enable time and cost savings. Leveraging design thinking and agile project management methods, we take a co-creative approach to designing new user experiences to catalyze process improvement and product development. B|G can help design a Customer Experience Transformation plan to execute impactful projects which address your organization’s strategic customer digitalization needs.

Common Challenges

Customers increasingly expect superior digital experiences, and will select brands that holistically complement their lifestyle needs and channel preferences. Firms often face the following challenges in meeting such demands:

Legacy Infrastructure

Firms are impeded by tedious and time-consuming tasks in maintaining their legacy infrastructure - consuming precious resources for long-term Digital Transformation

Underinvestment in Digital Delivery

Firms are late to realize that digital experiences are becoming a key unit of competition in most industries and markets

Privileging Process Over Experience

Some companies shape customer experiences around existing processes rather than vice versa - magnifying elements that lead to poor customer experience

Our Capabilities

B|G helps clients maximize their return on investment for their Digital Transformation needs through the following approaches:

Scalable Digital-First Experiences

Onboard new digital infrastructure that can help grow your business exponentially

Omnichannel Delivery

Develop digital app interfaces in tandem with digitally-augmented physical frontends for consistently superior experiences

Reach Millennials and Digital Natives

Establish capabilities to deliver holistic and ‘sticky’ customer experiences to lucrative new segments

Real Results

B|G’s worldwide experts help organizations think, plan, and build digitally to serve customers throughout the world.

At a major Southeast Asian bank, we deployed Design Thinking methods to develop new digital onboarding processes which reduced average loan turnaround times by over 60%. We also helped product development teams create first-in-market product and service propositions – including green financing products and value-added digital services with technology companies.

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Client Testimonials

I’m not sure how this was put together, but this is amazing! You did a great job. Thanks for all you are doing and for how fast you all have reacted to piece this together.