Put your customers at the center of all your planning and execution!

Put your customers at the center of all your planning and execution!

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Put your customers at the center of all your planning and execution!

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In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive environment, innovation is driving new customer demand.

Developing an intimate understanding of your core customers is vital to increasing performance and impact. Bâton combines deep industry knowledge, broad functional capabilities, and technical know-how to help our clients capture key insights into customer needs and preferences. These insights are translated into concrete business recommendations that shape strategies and drive effective execution.

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  • Enhance customer experiences through Journey & UX mapping
  • Gather stakeholder feedback with secure digital surveys
  • Explore customer sentiments with interviews & focus groups  
  • Uncover deep insights into the behaviors of your customers with ethnographic studies
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Common Challenges

It can be difficult for organization to develop customer insights strategies. Challenges in this area are driven by:

Insufficient Data

Existing customer data does not reveal important insights about customers like their motivations, desires, needs, behaviors, attitudes and mindsets.  

Data Collection Methods

Unsure of the appropriate approach and process for collecting data that are required to answer your specific research question.

Data Interpretation & Investigation

Unsure how to interpret customer data and incorporate insights into marketing strategies and activities.  

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Our Capabilities

Our approach develops deep customer insight to identify ways to attract new customers and cement existing relationships.

Current Customers

Identify key demographics, behaviors, and attitudes of core customers to move from simple historical understanding to predictive analytics.

Target Market

Find the most attractive customer set for your organization’s customers.

Customer Preferences

Confirm customer wants, needs, expectations, frustrations, and dissatisfaction.


Determine which new offerings will better meet customer needs, then clarify and communicate the delivered value.


Uncover emerging competitors, your customers’ perceptions of these competitors, and coming future disruption.

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Real Results

B|G approaches customer insights work as a process, allowing us to deliver recommendations rooted in true human insights and quantifiable rigor. Clients have used our customer insights to:

Human-Centered Design

An investment and asset-management company in Asia needed to understand their existing customers in order to identify high-growth segments.  Our Bâton Research team leveraged internal and external data to triangulate those specific targets for future investment.

Drive Engagement

Several professional association leaders have engaged Bâton Research to survey existing and potential members about their educational needs and desired outcomes of membership. Results were used to create new programming, revamp communication campaigns, and reach out to lapsed members.

Bank Journey Mapping

Development of customer journey maps for publicly held bank resulting in comprehensive digital customer experience transformation creating shared vision, alignment, and accelerated execution.

Gain deeper insights into your customers.
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Client Testimonials

Big kudos for Baton Global in helping us with our playbooks, what a great organization!
Public Policy Leader, Chamber of Commerce Client
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We really appreciated the level of detail and accountability the team demonstrated on the project.
Business Unit Leader, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
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Their enthusiasm is genuine and positive. Our industry is a little odd and they didn’t shy away from it. We wanted perspective and that’s what they provided us.
Leadership Workshop Participant
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