Bâton brings a diversified network of experts who quickly generate insights and guidance on culture and performance at all levels of the organization.

Create a culture that drives optimal performance.

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Culture & Organizational Design
Create a culture that drives optimal performance.

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Creating and managing a high-performance culture is key to competing in a rapidly changing and multipolar world.

Through our partnership with Reworc, Bâton’s approach to organizational design leverages a proprietary tool to assess your organizational culture through behaviors, networks, relationships, and values. Armed with this insight, we help clients craft and implement change programs to tackle the greatest opportunities for impact — shifting culture and structure to fit strategic priorities.

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  • Cultural assessment and organizational design to align culture, structure and strategy
  • Increase collaboration and accelerate innovation through network analysis
  • Workforce planning that aligns people and strategy now and in the future
  • Implement, promote, and sustain a high-performance culture
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Common Challenges

Many organizations have not measured their cultures to check and ensure alignment.

Misaligned Culture

Does your organization benefit from a unifying culture with shared strategic vision?


Do you know which behaviors and networks are driving your teams’ engagement and performance?

Resources & Efficiency

Are you losing money because critical activities lack proper resources and support? Are you investing in what is most important for your teams to get their work done?


Optimize your people, processes, and places to the future of work.

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Our Capabilities

Bâton brings a diversified network of experts who quickly generate insights and guidance on culture and performance at all levels of the organization.

Digital Platform

A digital crowd-sourced behavioral-based assessment is easy, fast, and psychologically safe.  This produces actionable data rather than just opinions.


Define, visualize and communicate your organizational culture and how it aligns to your strategy.

Insight & Action

Measure what is most important to employees now and in the future to enhance engagement and scenario planning. Recommended plans for improvement based on your organization’s DNA and change readiness.

Workforce Planning

Reimagine your workforce for the challenges of tomorrow by examining how the work is done… and how it could be re-engineered to reduce inefficiencies and unleash the potential of your people.

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Real Results

Bâton has worked with organizations to develop initiatives based on their cultural profiles to improve employee engagement, organizational performance, and strategic implementation.

Cultural Alignment

Bâton delivered a comprehensive cultural change program for an Asian multinational to correct misalignment between values and strategic direction. Team structures were also reorganized to increase collaboration and accelerate innovation.

Efficiency Innovation

In response to the disruption of COVID-19, Baton’s Leadership team led a full organizational benchmarking assessment and workforce planning + efficiency transformation.  This enabled leaders to protect workers and defend against additional disruption.

Technology Investment

Technology spend for higher-educational client redirected to support how work is actually happening in the organization with an eye on the trends that will impact the university in the future.

Leadership Training

Leadership curriculum modified for financial services organization to meet emerging needs of virtual and remote workers who indicated they need different mentoring and support.

Create a culture that drives optimal performance.
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Client Testimonials

It’s not easy to facilitate a full day session with laser focus, but the leaders at Bâton seem to do it effortlessly.  Nice job and thank you so much!

Chief Data Officer, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite

I know I’ve said this… but wow...Bâton is so great at facilitating these types of workshops. The way they keep it all going, scribe in real-time, make annotations… just awesome. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to these two sessions, but now I am really grateful that our company made this happen and dedicated the time for everyone. I learned a lot about the team. This was the best leadership workshop I’ve been a part of in my entire career

Vice President, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite

That was WONDERFUL! Jeffrey did an amazing job leading today’s conversation and cultivated an environment that welcomed engagement without fear.

Legal Operations Manager, Financial Services Client
Service Provided:
Leadership Suite
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