Rebooting your plan for changing conditions so you can execute with confidence!

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Strategic Agility
Rebooting your plan for changing conditions so you can execute with confidence!

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Reimagine and reinvigorate your strategy.

Disruption has upended existing strategic plans. B|G’s Agility service quickly determines the critical steps to reimagine and reinvigorate your strategy for 2021 and beyond.

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  • Swift strategic agility assessment defines pragmatic next steps
  • Identify roadblocks that prevent innovation and change
  • Understand internal and external impacts
  • Formulate targeted strategy recommendations for quick-wins
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Common Challenges

Recent headwinds and accelerating change required leaders to pivot operations, protect employees, and seek new market opportunities. Organizations face daunting challenges as they reemerge from the crisis and develop a strategy for our new normal.

Lack of Clarity

Organizations face uncertainty due to remaining public health concerns and changing consumer behavior.

Reactionary Efforts

Leaders remain caught up in short-term, tactical and urgent needs which diverts attention away from key long-term initiatives.

Declining Engagement

Workforce morale is wavering due to extended uncertainty and lack of direction.

Our Capabilities

In 30 days, Bâton delivers a thorough assessment of your organization in light of recent challenges and deliver the top priorities to enable high performance. How do we do it?

Internal Review

Review of existing strategies, plans, and relevant data.

Industry Analysis

External research on your industry’s challenges and macro trends.

Stakeholder Interviews

Five scheduled interviews with 5-10 key stakeholders that address questions that are critically important for strategic design and recommendations.

Leadership Survey

Perspectives collected from key stakeholders soliciting perceptions of internal strengths and weaknesses, market trends, and proposed goals.

Holistic Assessment

Report and presentation that documents external and internal environment impacts, SWOT assessment, and readiness rating to tackle key priorities.

Expert Guidance

Guidance and recommendations in kickstarting new strategies and creating impactful change.

Real Results

B|G brings together academics and experts who are proven leaders within management and strategy. Driven by the opportunity to create meaningful impact, we guide organizations to build successful strategies and develop a strategic mindset.

Leading Recovery

Bâton proudly supported the planning efforts of clients during COVID-19 including the Greater Des Moines Partnership. DSM Forward, playbooks to support back to business efforts in central Iowa, were created in collaboration with the Partnership to support members and central Iowa businesses.

Change Management Assessment

Bâton was engaged to assess the ability of a leading financial services organization to change and adapt to emerging realities.  In response to the assessment, the organization re-organized to maximize both collaboration and financial return.

Innovative Startup

To accelerate change in a traditional industry, Bâton partnered with an organization to leverage a ‘skunkworks’ internal startup to drive innovation throughout the organization.

Receive a data-informed assessment to enable high performance at your organization.
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Client Testimonials

I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the strategic planning process.  I feel like we are headed in the right direction, and I’ve actually enjoyed the process of getting there... I can say that I have never felt that a strategic planning process was as worth the time as I have with Bâton Global.

Vice President, Higher Education Client
Service Provided:
Strategy Suite
I found your process invigorating and it change our Leadership Team’s dynamic.
COO, Marketing Agency Client
Service Provided:
Strategy Suite
You are worth far more than we could ever pay you. Thank you so very much!
Executive Director, Nonprofit Client
Service Provided:
Strategy Suite
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