Higher Education’s Evolution: Your Playbook to Survive and Thrive

Higher Education’s Evolution: Your Playbook to Survive and Thrive

January 4, 2024
10:11 am

Discussions and debates about the demographic cliff, the ROI or value of traditional degrees, the proliferation of management tools and methods, rising costs and campus closures, have gone on ad nauseum. This playbook sets out to turn the tide, and instead, focuses on the positive ways we can chart a productive path to advance during these changing times. Leaders need not despair given the opportunities to ride the cusp of this evolution into the next era of higher education.

Download your Higher Education Playbook below: 

We will explore the following headlines which include unique and valuable insights to take advantage of change within higher education: 

  • Headline #1 Chart a Course
  • Headline #2: Commit to Your Purpose
  • Headline #3: Choose to Win
  • Headline #4: Really Know Your Learners
  • Headline #5: Curate Educational Experiences
  • Headline #6: Put Education to Work
  • Headline #7: Create Your Campus Climate
  • Headline #8: Invest in Efficiencies
  • Headline #9: Bring Others Along
  • Headline #10: Getting Started

If you’re looking for a way to bring your institution and others along, I’d encourage you to reach out to Bâton Global to join you in this process. We’ve supported multiple  institutions of with higher education consulting to achieve the change outlined in this paper and welcome the opportunity to do the same for yours.

Download your Higher Education Playbook below: 

About Bâton Global

Bâton Global is a higher education strategy consulting firm striving to Accelerate Your Journey There™, wherever “there” is for you. We are proud to support higher education institutions in their continued journey in creating positive outcomes for lifelong learners. Contact Us below to start or continue the conversation.

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January 4, 2024
10:11 am
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