Case Study

Developing Purity in Purpose for a Utility Non-Profit


The state section of an interntational non-profit focused on utilities.

The Story

The Challenge

The client was grappling with the challenge of aligning its governance structure to not only meet its immediate operational needs but also to further its long-term strategic objectives. To resolve this issue and strengthen their governance, it recognized the needs for comprehensive, top-down strategic planning that would refine its objectives and address existing and enhance overall governance.

The Choice

The response

Baton Global (B|G) collaborated with the client to develop a strategic plan spanning three years, alongside a rejuvenated committee framework to steer the organization towards its strategic objectives. The client's guiding North Star statements, encompassing their Mission, Vision, and Values, were updated to reflect this renewed focus. Additionally, a comprehensive scorecard for the section was established, incorporating high-level initiatives to track progress and guide actions.

The Results

The organization has a clear vision of their future state and a solid understanding of the necessary activities to achieve it. The new strategic management system and governance structure enable the client to effectively communicate how short-term actions translate to long-term success. This strategic realignment also promotes a culture of accountability and innovation.

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