Case Study

Enacting Change Through an Educational Journey Program


Faced with the challenge of articulating the need for change following the formulation of new strategic goals, a leading Midwest-based commercial insurance company experienced a transformational journey. Partnering with Bâton Global (B|G) to develop an educational journey program proved instrumental in instilling a sense of urgency and driving essential transformation.

The Story

This insurance company took on the complex task of communicating the profound implications of changing environmental conditions and both the opportunities and challenges they presented. Following the creation of a new vision and strategic goals, the organization embarked on an educational journey program designed to guide employees through a comprehensive transformational journey. This program served as a catalyst for change and communicated a clear vision for the future.

The Challenge

In light of shifting environmental dynamics and new strategic goals, the central challenge faced by the organization was the need for effective communication with its workforce. This case study delves into the complexity of conveying the urgency for transformation in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

The Choice

Faced with the daunting challenge of driving organizational change, the insurance company made a strategic choice to collaborate with B|G to develop an educational journey program. This choice became the cornerstone of their efforts in communicating a compelling vision and fostering a sense of urgency, ultimately creating a more dynamic and high-performing organization.

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