Case Study

Enacting Change Through an Educational Journey Program


One of the largest commercial insurance companies headquartered in the Midwest and serving customers across the United States.

The Story

The Challenge

The organization’s employees failed to understand how changing environmental conditions would result in new challenges and opportunities for the organization. On the heels of crafting a new vision and strategic goals of the organization, leaders needed to identify a way to effectively communicate a sense of urgency and enact necessary change across the organization.

The Choice

The response

Working with cross-functional leaders from across the organization, B|G delivered an educational journey program that included designed story workshop series, facilitator’s guides for employees to deliver workshops, and a highly visual message map. Delivered over a series of interactive sessions,  program participants were briefed on the present state and urgency for change, desired future state, journey to achieve the desired future state, and how they could participate in the journey.

The Results

B|G delivered a program that painted a clear and compelling vision of a target state, and articulated goals to reach a shared vision. Workshop sessions instilled a greater sense of urgency that the current state wasn’t sufficient, and that change was needed to face new external pressures and create a higher-performing organization. The program has received high praise from the organization’s leaders: “The sessions have been received extremely well by our team members. Initial survey responses are overwhelming positive, with the vast majority scoring questions at agree or strongly agree. Thank you for your partnership in supporting us to create what is turning into an extremely valuable experience for everyone.”

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