Case Study

Creating a High-Performing Leadership Team


A department of a Midwest community college providing skills training and talent development to students and businesses across multiple communities.


The Executive Director realized the department’s people weren’t fully utilizing their talents to reach the goals established by the organization. Team members lacked a common understanding of their individual work styles and the Executive Director failed to understand how her leadership styles influenced her people.


Bâton Global delivered a series of workshops to establish the  department’s talent strategy and create a high-performing leadership team. Powered by Predictive Index’s talent optimization insights, Bâton’s Experts guided leaders in understanding talent needs, designing effective teams, and creating team cohesion.


B|G equipped the Executive Director and her team with the insights and guidance to create a higher performing and cohesive team. The Executive Director identified opportunities to evolve her leadership style, team members identified their work motivations and preferences compared to their peers, and the group began to identify how they could leverage identified strengths and remove blind spots to generate higher performance.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G utilized proprietary data tools and proven methodologies to clarify the team’s goals and deliver insights into existing pain points:

  1. B|G conducted in-depth discovery sessions with the Executive Director and key team members to develop a deeper understanding positions of strengths and key issues facing the team.
  2. B|G utilized initial findings to clarify the objectives of the team which included understanding leadership styles, identifying work preferences, and understanding key strengths and gaps
  3. Leveraging Predictive Index’s proprietary Behavioral Assessment, B|G delivered individual and team behavior insights to the full group.


B|G led a series of workshops to utilize the insight from discovery sessions and the Behaviorial Assessment to lay a foundation in transforming the team and creating a higher-performing group.

  1. Understanding the gaps in their team, the Executive Director and key leadership identified talent needs that would eliminate gaps
  2. Existing team members utilized insights uncovering their own leadership styles and motivations in comparison to their team members.  
  3. Working sessions uncovered that the team is driven by getting the details right and establishing a process for the sake of precision and consistency. This provided direction into ways they could become a more collaborative and cohesive team.


B|G continues to deliver working sessions for the departments and provide individual coaching to team members to ensure learnings from Innovation are integrated across the team.

  1. B|G is delivering additional insights through Predictive Index’s Inspire module
  2. Individual coaching is being held regularly to support individual growth, increase satisfaction in their day-to-day, and deepen their commitment
  3. Additional workshops will enable the team to leverage their people data and deliver opportunities to pause and thoughtfully consider how they can be more effective on their own, when working in a group, and when working with a specific peer.
  4. Meetings with the Executive Director to utilize assessment insights along with workshop findings to further establish a talent strategy, improve leadership, capabilities, and support team design.


B|G equipped the team with the necessary insights and data to improve collaboration and cohesion which is leading to greater business results:

  1. Team members were given great clarity into their own working styles and the preferences of their peers.
  2. The Executive Director has a clear understanding of the actions needed to evolve her leadership style to fit the needs of the team
  3. The team is taking action to improve their effectiveness and is seeing great improvement.

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