Case Study

Returning to the Office the Right Way


Marketing agency serving clients across North America


Leaders of a nationally acclaimed marketing agency weren’t clear on the goals they needed to achieve in order to take the agency to the next level. Facing evolving workforce needs, leaders were seeking to more effectively engage their people and deliver an actionable plan to reach an envisioned North Star.


As the client returned to the office, Bâton Global led leadership in developing quantum leap goals which address key financial, culture, and operations needs across the organization. In partnership with Reworc, advanced workplace analytics were delivered to the client which guided leaders to develop goals through ideation to activation sessions. Bâton supported leaders as they communicated the goals to their teams, executed key projects, and met workforce needs.


Leaders had greater confidence in how they could manage distributed work and create an environment to become a leading marketing agency in North America. The goals established by leaders were well embraced by teams and projects were quickly executed. The process also resulted in greater collaboration among senior leadership and the establishment of more regularly occurring meetings amongst distributed teams.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G utilized various research methods to better understand the needs and aspirations of the organization which included the most powerful workforce engagement tool:

  • Analysis and insights surrounding activity, behaviors, culture, and insights were collected through Reworc.
  • B|G conducted external research on competitors and key trends in their market and nationally.
  • B|G interviewed and surveyed all members of the organizations to understand their perspective of the current state and future goals for the organization.
  • The agency’s customers were interviewed to identify their needs as the agency sought to continue to grow.
  • A summary of findings was delivered to the leadership team and the full organization to establish a common understanding of their internal and external environment.


B|G utilized findings from Insight to deliver a series of ideation to activation sessions which resulted in leaders developing quantum leap goals:

  • B|G worked with the leadership team to distill insight findings into key themes in which the organization would focus.
  • Leaders prioritized the themes and determined financial growth, high-performing culture, and efficiency would best support their continued success.
  • B|G assigned leaders into teams to draft goals aligned to each of the focus areas.
  • Development sessions were led with each team to identify the scope of the goal, key milestones, project teams, expenses, return on investment, etc.
  • Teams presented their goals to their peers to solicit additional ideas and feedback which resulted in refinement of the goals.
  • Project roadmaps were established to understand execution timing and project dependencies as work returned to the office.


B|G supported the organization as goals were communicated to stakeholders and teams began executing projects on the goal roadmaps.

  • B|G coached leaders to integrate team members into the initial execution of project roadmaps.
  • The project management office was engaged to support ongoing management of projects to reach goals.
  • Key performance indicators were identified for each goal including metrics derived from Reworc’s platform.
  • A series of workshops were hosted with senior leadership in an effort to create a higher performing culture.
  • B|G supported series of presentations delivered to the full organization to create buy-in amongst team members and generate excitement for the goals.
  • Employees were highly engaged and actively involved in the execution of goals as work returned to the office.


The goal-setting process kickstarted much needed transformation within the organization and enhanced the leadership team’s work dynamic:

  • Leaders could more effectively communicate the need for change across the organization.
  • The full organization had greater confidence in the direction of the organization and their role to achieve success.
  • A higher-performing culture with greater accountability was created through the goal-setting process.
  • The agency' workforce was more engaged and motivated to execute goals as employees returned to the office.
  • Leaders saw a decrease in transactional activities and a much-needed change in the way in which they collaborated: “I found your process invigorating and it changed our Leadership Team’s dynamic.”
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