Case Study

Returning to the Office the Right Way


In the aftermath of COVID-19 and its subsequent remote workforce, a nationally acclaimed North American marketing agency was facing the critical need to clarify and achieve their organizational goals. They embarked on a transformative journey with Bâton Global (B|G) and Reworc, setting their sights on becoming a leading marketing agency in North America.

The Story

This agency's leadership navigates a dynamic marketing landscape. Collaborating with B|G and leveraging advanced analytics from Reworc, they embarked on a multifaceted journey of insight, innovation, and integration. This story highlights how data-driven goal setting and comprehensive organizational change can redefine an agency's trajectory.

The Challenge

At the heart of the agency's journey was the pressing challenge of defining a clear and actionable path to success. With a rapidly evolving workforce and the need to engage their people effectively, the agency's leaders recognized the imperative of redefining their strategic goals.

The Choice

In a landscape of uncertainty, the agency made the strategic choice of partnering with B|G and Reworc. This choice led them to establish "quantum leap goals" and apply innovative methodologies to transform their culture, operations, and financial performance. This study underscores the significance of this pivotal choice and its far-reaching impact on the agency's journey toward achieving its North Star.

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