Case Study

Measuring the Impact of the Arts


A Midwest community organization dedicated to enriching its region through arts, culture, and heritage faced the challenge of quantifying the impact of these sectors on the community's quality of life and economic development. The organization, as such, sought to turn its vision into measurable realities.

The Story

In response to this challenge, the organization engaged Bâton Global (B|G) to develop data-driven metrics that would measure progress in key cultural priority areas. Through a comprehensive approach that included stakeholder engagement and peer analysis, the organization aimed to establish a significant link between the arts and regional advancement.

The Challenge

Displaying the arts sector's influence on community well-being and economic growth was a challenge without the necessary data and metrics. Bridging this gap between the arts' significant contributions and data-driven evidence became the driving force behind the initiative.

The Choice

The organization's choice to collaborate with B|G proved instrumental in their journey to quantify the arts' impact. Through comprehensive understanding, metric development, and actionable recommendations, the organization sought to empower the arts community, engage the public, and align resources with regional priorities that foster a more vibrant and culturally rich region.

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