Evaluating the Success of Your Strategy

Evaluating the Success of Your Strategy

January 28, 2020
9:43 pm

Identify whether your organization has successfully incorporated the four key ingredients of strategy during your development process. Click on the link below to answer a short list of questions and receive an objective assessment from our team:

Take Strategy Assessment Here

Bâton Global has found that strategy is an art and science comprised of four key ingredients. They include:

  • Know Yourself — an objective appraisal of your internal environment including, the culture, capabilities, capacity, and resources.
  • Know Your Enemy — a profound understanding of the competitive landscape including external factors and competitors impacting your industry.
  • Think Big — creating and effectively communicating aspirational, measurable, and long-term strategic objectives.
  • Work Hard — effective implementation and perseverance from team members to ensure the hard work during the first three come to fruition.

Has your organization developed a successful strategy? Take the assessment below to understand whether your organization has incorporated the four key ingredients into the planning process.

Take Strategy Assessment Here

We are here to serve your organization and would be willing to review existing plans and discuss your strategy in greater detail.

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January 28, 2020
9:43 pm
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