10-Minute Strategy Self-Assessment

October 1, 2019
11:02 am

Identify whether your organization has successfully incorporated the four key ingredients of strategy during your development process. Click on the link below to answer a shortlist of questions and receive an objective assessment from our team:

Take Strategy Self-Assessment Here

Throughout this series, we have found that strategy is an art and science comprised of four key ingredients. They include:

  • Know Yourself — an objective appraisal of your internal environment including, the culture, capabilities, capacity, and resources.
  • Know Your Enemy — a profound understanding of the competitive landscape including external factors and competitors impacting your industry.
  • Think Big — creating and effectively communicating aspirational, measurable, and long-term strategic objectives.
  • Work Hard — effective implementation and perseverance from team members to ensure the hard work during the first three come to fruition.

Take Strategy Self-Assessment Here

Learn how B|G helps clients develop and implement successful strategy.

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October 1, 2019
11:02 am
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