Developing a Digitization Strategy in the Insurance Industry

Developing a Digitization Strategy in the Insurance Industry

June 14, 2018
9:43 pm

Organizations in the insurance industry are currently facing multiple external pressures, but none more than the digitization of insurance products and services. Digitization, or automating existing processes, helps create speedier and more personalized offerings for customers. Can organizations in the insurance sector develop digitization strategies that meet customer demands?

Bâton Global has guided organizations to develop strategies that promote transformation and
positive change in an organization. Digitization is an extremely difficult undertaking that is necessary for organizations in the insurance sector. What are the necessary steps in ensuring your digitization strategy is properly developed?

Evaluating Current State

The degree of transformation that is required by an organization is determined by category and product offering, along with the evaluation of existing processes. Assessing existing processes in the organization provides the proper analytics needed to determine the right digitization strategy.

A comprehensive analysis of internal systems and processes is needed within your organization. This analysis provides a base point to develop strategic objectives and future goals. 

Looking Outside the Organization

A major motive behind digitization is the rise in competitors seeking to take market share from traditional organizations. Known as insurtechs, these new entrants to the insurance sector are able to effectively take advantage of new technologies to provide coverage to a more digitally savvy customer base. By examining the product offerings of prominent insurtechs, organizations can determine how the technologies these newly developed companies utilize can help transform their own organization.

There are different options organizations can take when considering new technology solutions to help automate existing processes. These include developing technology in-house, partnering with existing insurtechs, and purchasing existing insurtechs. These decisions can be made based on the type of technology looking to be utilized, the capital requirements of the insurtech, and the level of innovation that is occurring within the insurtech. A thorough external analysis provides organizations with the proper competitive climate and industry knowledge that is needed to determine long-term objectives.

Determining Key Digitization Goals

By evaluating current systems and process along with external climate, organizations can develop
a proper strategy. Similar to developing other organizational objectives, developing a digitization strategy should incorporate a strong articulation of ambitions and aspirations. This allows organizations to be transparent with stakeholders and provides stakeholders an opportunity to express their comments and concerns regarding digitization.

Bâton Global has found that strategic management systems help develop organizational objectives that are established from feedback by all stakeholders within an organization. Understanding the goals and aspirations of stakeholders within the organization aids in determining the correct long-term objectives.


Increased competition in the insurance sector has created the need for all insurance organizations to incorporate digitization in future strategies. Bâton Global has displayed insight in establishing digitization strategies among larger, more traditional organizations, and has worked closely with insurtech startups that display industry-disrupting technology.

How can we help guide you through your digitization process?

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June 14, 2018
9:43 pm
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