Case Study

Sparking Innovative Thinking in a Public Service Organization


A training and learning non-profit organization that promotes safe workplaces and communities.


Feeling the impacts of the pandemic on its business model, the client wanted to identify opportunities to grow, diversify their revenue streams, and prepare for the next disruption, but the current environment didn’t empower key stakeholders to leverage their full creative potential.


B|G worked with the Board of Directors to build a bold and inspiring strategy for the future. Baton provided support with the ideation, writing, vetting, and prioritizing of high-level initiative and goals that would inform the planning and execution of a three-year strategic plan.


The leadership team had actionable direction from the Board with regards to strategic projects, activities, and priorities. This  informed the development of the organization's three-year strategic plan.

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The scope of this project includes four main areas of activity:


B|G reviewed relevant background material that informed a collective understanding of the organization’s internal and external environment:

  • Existing strategies, plans, and relevant data were reviewed.
  • An in-depth interview was conducted with the organization’s executive director to develop a deeper understanding of key topics and issues facing the organization.


Using the information gathered during the internal review, B|G created a digital survey to gather further insights from the Board:

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, market trends, and desired engagement outcomes were assessed.
  • Survey findings were analyzed, areas of consensus and divergence were identified, and ideas were thematically coded.
  • These insights informed the design of an upcoming ideation session.


B|G facilitated a virtual strategic planning ideation workshop with the Board. Throughout the workshop, conditions were created to help the board members “Think Big,” fostering creativity and innovation.

  • Workshop participants were split into sub-teams, and based on survey themes, were assigned a subject area for ideation.
  • Groups met in virtual breakout rooms to brainstorm strategic initiatives in their assigned subject area.
  • After the first brainstorming session, all workshop participants came together to discuss group ideas and generate further ideas.
  • A second breakout session was used to refine and prioritize ideas, estimate potential organizational impact, and assess ease of implementation
  • Consolidated workshop ideas were documented in a final report that provided feedback and directional guidance for next steps.


Outcomes of the ideation workshop informed the client’s three-year strategic plan.

  • The leadership team was given actionable direction from the Board with regards to strategic projects, activities, and priorities.
  • Awareness of challenges and opportunities in the current and future environment allowed the client to build in procedures for monitoring and modifying strategies based on changes in the internal or external environment.

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