Case Study

Sparking Innovative Thinking in a Public Service Organization


A training and learning non-profit organization that promotes safe workplaces and communities.

The Story

The Challenge

Feeling the impacts of the pandemic on its business model, the client wanted to identify opportunities to grow, diversify their revenue streams, and prepare for the next disruption, but the current environment didn’t empower key stakeholders to leverage their full creative potential.

The Choice

The response

B|G worked with the Board of Directors to build a bold and inspiring strategy for the future. Baton provided support with the ideation, writing, vetting, and prioritizing of high-level initiative and goals that would inform the planning and execution of a three-year strategic plan.

The Results

The leadership team had actionable direction from the Board with regards to strategic projects, activities, and priorities. This  informed the development of the organization's three-year strategic plan.

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