Debunking Innovation Myths

No matter the industry, innovation is a hot topic that is on the minds of many business leaders. Even though innovation is a focus of conversation in many strategy meetings, there are still innovation myths that exist regarding the articulation, feasibility, participants and size. Why are there numerous misconceptions surrounding innovation?

Bâton Global has
extensive experience in guiding organizations through transformation projects
and other innovation objectives. Innovation motivated projects are difficult
undertakings that require all employees to be on the same page in implementing
change innovation. Why then are there so many misconceptions about innovation
that can cause miscommunication and a lack of understanding of key initiatives?

Only Certain People Can Be Innovative

A misconception
exists among many that innovative ideas only come from those who are higher up
within a company or have a background in entrepreneurship and/or research. This
is far from the truth, as employees of all skillsets and titles can provide
insight in organization based on their knowledge of processes and the business

can encourage innovative thinking and collaboration by creating a culture that
fosters engagement and commitment. Implementing strategic management systems
that incorporates employee insight leads to the fostering of engagement and

Innovation Only Occurs
Through New Technology

innovation can come from transformation in products and processes, most
organization wide innovation occurs through business model transformation.
Organizations that focus on new strategies in creating and delivering value
coupled with process or product innovation see greater rates of return than
those focused on developing state-of-the-art technology.

For example, insurtech startups are currently disrupting incumbents in an industry that traditionally only has a few major players. For the most part these organizations have created innovation through changes in elements of the business model and not just newly developed technology.

Size Matters

It is common to believe that innovation only
occurs when organizations have access to major resources, whether that be
capital or human resources. This is untrue, as organizations of all sizes have
displayed industry-changing innovations. 

Research-based internal analysis provides data and insight in determining where organizations are creating values for customers, and where improvements can be made. As competition in the marketplace continues to intensify, organizations must keep the customer in mind throughout strategic decision-making. 

Only Revolutionary Ideas Can
Create Innovation

When most people
think about innovation, they hold the concept that innovation is only created
through new ideas that no one has developed. Although this may evoke
innovation, this is not the only way change is generated within organizations. 

Organizations can find innovation in looking outside of their industry. It
is likely that organizations within their respective industries are struggling
with similar challenges, and industries in other industries may provide a
solution. External analysis is needed in order to gain insight into industry
and competitor analysis, along with awareness of other industries.

Innovation Can’t
Be Planned

There is a
belief that innovation is random, and can’t be structured or scheduled. It is
true that some organizations benefit from revolutionary technology without much
planning, but most innovation occurs through business model innovation.
Business model innovation takes discipline and a strong desire to create
change. A system needs to be developed to create innovation, one where all
employees are engaged and provide insight.

Bâton Global has
found that implementing enterprise-wide management systems evokes change across
the whole organization. By developing a system that encourages insight and
collaboration, more ideas are shared and there can be healthier conversation
surrounding innovation. Management systems also provide a structure to
implement and schedule steps toward innovation.

Innovation is a subject
matter with numerous misconceptions. Bâton Global has guided clients through
transformation projects where innovation changed fundamental ways of thinking
within organizations.

How can your
organization become more innovative?

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