Doug's Digital Transformation Journey: Developing a Technology Roadmap

Doug's Digital Transformation Journey: Developing a Technology Roadmap

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July 3, 2019
9:43 pm

The insights collected through stakeholder interviews, customer journey mapping, and a scan of external factors influencing WealthArrow allowed Doug and B|G to develop a technology roadmap that would lead to digital improvement across the organization. In order to fully outline the roadmap, B|G needed to understand the technological challenges that surfaced during Insight and identify and properly sequence the work that needs to be completed to transform the organization.

The first challenge was that WealthArrow had been using a number of different software applications under one roof. The annuities department and group benefits department, for example, used vastly different underlying software applications to serve their customers. The annuities department also used legacy systems that were brought over during a previous acquisition, resulting in additional incompatibility. Keeping customer information in different areas resulted in a less than clear picture of all the work WealthArrow does for their customers. The organization was in need of key integrations of their software applications to allow employees of the company to better leverage technology and data.

The software application that won the gold medal for “most headaches” was Zarro, which was the organization’s sales management software. Its poor functionality made it difficult to log basic calls and emails between reps and customers. It also did not house necessary information about each customer due to the lack of key integrations, so there was no quick way for employees to know what kind of service the customers were actually receiving from various departments. Additionally, employees shared that onboarding customers was challenging due to this poor integration to service platforms. Zarro was supposed to make it easier for employees to track relationships with their customers. However, this software was having the opposite effect. In fact, Zarro was so unreliable that some employees had stopped using it altogether.

Doug and B|G outlined a roadmap to allow employees to better leverage technology across the organization. This would be done through carefully thought-out sequences of development, such as the integration of key software applications and improvements to user interfaces, providing better data visibility to Zarro users. With each new technological advancement, they would be one step closer to completing the organization’s much needed digital transformation.

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July 3, 2019
9:43 pm
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