The Greater Des Moines Partnership Announces WTOS Playbook Release

November 4, 2022
In collaboration with Bâton Global and Reworc, The Greater Des Moines Partnership has released the DSM Workforce Trends and Occupancy Study Playbook which gives organizations research-driven tools and insights as well as real-world local and national case studies to respond to the evolving workplace environment.

The Playbook is based off of the first-of-its-kind DSM Workforce Trends and Occupancy Study that was launched in Greater Des Moines in early 2022. This study was designed to provide DSM employers with insight into the workplace and work preference styles of knowledge workers. The Playbook includes 13 work-plays on topics such as:

  1. Celebrating wins in a variety of ways
  2. Creating forums for reflections about the team
  3. Delegating growth opportunities
  4. Creating business process maps
  5. Balancing preferences for work-from-home and hybrid models
  6. Finding meaningful opportunities for in-person work
  7. Ensuring effective meetings

The Partnership recently commented on the impact the playbook will have in Greater Des Moines. “We’re excited to have the Workforce Trends and Occupancy Study Playbook as a resource to support and advance the DSM business community,” said Jenae Sikkink, Senior Vice President of Talent Development at The Partnership. “The insights and actionable tools provided in the Playbook allow users to respond and prepare for the continually evolving workplace trends.”

The Playbook is available for download on the Partnership's website below:

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