Kevin Kacere joins Bâton Global as an Advisor for Manufacturers

December 8, 2021
Bâton Global announced that former president and CEO of Insta-Pro International, Kevin Kacere, has joined the firm as an Advisor effective immediately.

Prior to his time with Insta-Pro, Kevin spent 17 years in leadership positions with Amana Appliances and Maytag Corporation. Kevin will leverage his experiences within the industry to serve Bâton Global’s manufacturing clients in workforce recruitment and retention along with leadership development.

Kavi Chawla, partner at Bâton Global, stated “Kevin is uniquely equipped to serve manufacturing clients in Iowa and beyond given his array of industry expertise. We know all manufacturers are facing extreme workforce challenges including those surrounding retention, recruitment, and augmentation. Kevin strengthens Bâton Global’s ability to deliver long-term workforce solutions to manufacturers utilizing data-driven tools & insights.”

Kacere was a member on the Insta-Pro holding company board of Heartland Agri Partners, LLC since 2008, when the acquisition of Insta-Pro took place. Kacere also worked in various marketing and general management roles for manufacturing companies including Amana Appliances and Maytag Corporation for 17 years.

In 2018, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appointed Kacere to the President’s Advisory Council for Doing Business in Africa where he advised Secretary Ross and President Trump on how to improve business opportunities in Africa for U.S. companies.

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