DSM Forward Playbooks Receive National and Global Recognition - Greater Des Moines Partnership: DSM Forward Playbooks

November 10, 2021
Des Moines, IA: On October 22, International Downtown Association (IDA) named the Greater Des Moines Partnership (The Partnership) the winner of an Award of Excellence for the DSM Forward playbooks. DSM Forward is a compilation of playbooks devoted to helping businesses and industries prepare for next steps related to economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Partnership also received an Award of Excellence from the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives as well as an Economic Development Award from the Mid-American Economic Development Council for their DSM Forward playbooks.

“The DSM Forward playbooks were the result of a collaborative effort among community leaders and experts to help organizations make informed decisions related to recovery from the pandemic,” said Tiffany Tauscheck, Chief Operations Officer at The Partnership and President of Downtown DSM, Inc. “This award recognizes the power of collaboration and commitment to resiliency in our community.”

Bâton Global (B|G) supported The Partnership in the design, research, development, and release of the DSM Forward playbooks to the Greater Des Moines(DSM) region. B|G worked closely with key leaders, which included extensive feedback from business, industry and community leaders and the community at-large. Recommended practices for each business function and selected industries across DSM have been collected and curated from and developed in alignment with numerous trusted sources.

"Bâton Global congratulates The Partnership on the continued impact and recognition of the DSM Forward playbooks. It is an honor and privilege for our team to support The Partnership on this work and collaborate with leaders across the community,” said Matthew Mitchell, Partner at B|G. "Our vision at B|G is to Serve Your World. We are grateful DSM Forward provided timely guidance for leaders and organizations to make important decisions during difficult times.”  

The DSM Forward playbooks are also gaining attention globally: The Partnership is one of 16 finalists and the only U.S. finalist in the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Competition. DSM Forward is one of four finalists in the category of Best Resilience Project. Finalists will present their work during the 12th World Chambers Congress in Dubai from November 23 – 25. Learn more about the award here.

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